Saturday, December 8, 2012

John Hawk Interview

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After a long absence "Big" John Hawk returns to an NAAFS cage on December 15th at Night of Champions when he faces Lewis Rumsey. Hawk has not fought since April due to circumstances beyond his control. The time away has made him hungry and anxious. Known for his always coming forward style, John always entertains and is promising a big finish in this one.

Q: You have not fought since April, how frustrating has it been for you to not fight in so long?
A: Very frustrating because I am a full-time fighter, this is my lively hood. It is hard for me to train without a goal in mind. Getting blown off several cards, getting promises by bigger companies and them not following through pisses me off for sure. I am a fighter, I will fight whoever they want. It is frustrating, I fight anybody and I think most people are scared that I will do that and fight the best fight possible. They don't like that, they like to showcase people, but this is the fight game, you should be able to fight anybody at any given time. Just like in April, I fought Marcus in Bellator, he was a big up and coming guy and was supposed to knock me out. Before he even fought me, you knew he was a showcase fighter, he was someone they were bringing in and before he even fought me, he was in the light heavyweight tournament. How are you gonna put a guy in the tournament who hasn't even fought yet? To me that is very disrespectful. I'm a good fighter, I always put up a fight, my fights are not boring. I hate getting over-looked, I have been over-looked my whole career. I have to prove myself once again, I prove myself every fight. That is why I appreciate Greg Kalikas from the NAAFS. After seeing me get thrown off of cards he offered me a local fight, I took that offer. I avhe a good fan base here and will prove myself to my fans and people out there who want to hate on me.

Q: In June you were supposed to fight in Bellator and the day before they took the fight from you and put your opponent in the tournament, what was your reaction?
A: If you want my honest opinion, I think it's fucking bullshit. I cut thirty pounds for a fight. That morning I got up at 6AM and had to cut six pounds. It is hard, I am a big guy. To me it was a slap in the face. Don't tell me after weigh-ins, after I cut my ass off for twelve hours, and you tell me someone cant fight. That isn't my problem. I trained my ass off and did my end of the deal, you guys didn't. It isn't my problem if a head-liner didn't make weight, he was sick, that's fucking bullshit to me. I don't give a fuck, I am a fighter, I have fought with injuries, being sick, broken bones, I have never made an excuse. I always come up with my end of the deal and most people never do. Once again, that is why I appreciate Greg Kalikas. I am gonna show-case my skills and when I move on to another organization and they are gonna be made and want to come court me again, but that is your fault not mine. All I do is win. Even if I lose, it is all split decision losses which I felt most should have been mine. I get hated on by judges and everyone else, but I am used to it. I go and knock this mother fucker out and put people to rest. I train with the best camp around, Strong Style, and I am ready to fight whoever they want. I was supposed to be an alternate bout in the tournament, promised a lot, maybe it will still come, but I always come up with my end of the deal. Maybe it is because I am all tatted-up and a big guy, but who cares? This isn't a model search or fashion show, it is the fucking fight game. People wanna over-look me, let them, because eventually when everyone is courting me, they are gonna say "fuck, we had this guy" and that is your fault and not mine.

Q: Last night they had a guy get sick and just postponed the fight a week, does that make it more frustrating how they handled your fight?
A: Yeah! Like I said, they do that, whatever. As long as the person got to fight, that is fine. Most professional fighters will agree, we are ready to fight, as long as he gets to fight, but I have trained my ass off, two months of training hard, who cares if you get a guy at the last minute, at least you get to fight and showcase your skills. Who cares who it is. I give mad respect to the person taking the fight on short notice. Thank you for stepping up.

Q: You are fighting Lewis Rumsey, you don't know anything about him do you?
A: No, I don't know nothing about him. I am not a video watcher, I am not a game planner, I fight my fight. I always bring the fight to people so I don't have to worry about them bringing the fight to me. I never study them, this is MMA, we are supposed to be trained in everything. I will look and see if he is a striker or a ground guy but other than that, I really don't care. I am gonna bring the fight to you know matter what and never let the person bring the fight to me. I like to control the fight and always do. I appreciate he took the fight, a lot of people were afraid to fight me. That baffles me, there a re a lot of people who wont fight me and I get thrown of cards, people not fighting me should be a good thing on my part but it sees like a bad thing. All I do in Bellator is win, and I don't get it, the more you win the more you go up, but in my case the more I win, I take a step back. It is what it is. I will be ready to fight like always, throw whoever in front of me and I will fight him, I don't care if it is the UFC champ, the Bellator champ, the dude is a scrub, who gives a shit, I love to fight. I will stand and bang, I can take it to the ground and ground and pound, I don't give a shit. I will bring the fight to him and hopefully he wants to fight back or he will be in a world of hurt.

Q: You are always a moving forward fighter, with most of his fights, win or lose, being stoppages does that make you optimistic that he will be willing to make it an action fight?
A: Yeah! I haven't seen video, but yeah. He has lost a lot in the first round and won in the first round. I am glad, that means that dude is ready to come fight. Everyone knows I fight better when the guy wants to fight me back. If you wanna stand there and be a punching bag, it isn't gonna be good, you are gonna get your ass whipped. If you throw a couple punches, I love getting hit, it motivates me more. I don't back down, always the aggressor, I got the best training partners in the world, Stipe Miocic, Brian Rogers, Forrest Petz, Nick Duell, I mean damn, I got guys with the heaviest hands in the world. Come next Saturday, be prepared.

Q: Originally it was Josh Stansbury for the title, does it not being for the title now make it any kind of a letdown?
A: Like I said, I really wanna talk about Greg Kalikas. After seeing me get thrown of a couple cards, he called and said "would you be interested in fighting for NAAFS for the title?' Of course, it is awesome, I will fight for Greg anyway, I owe the world to him, it is a great organization, the dude is legit, he is real, a great person, and people want to bad-mouth him? That's bullshit, the dude has been awesome to me. I told him anytime, I am happy to fight for you. The title, was a plus, add it to my resume. I am a former heavyweight champ who never lost the belt. Then move on to better things. Stansbury supposedly got hurt, whatever, I don't care. I understand his part, he is on a win streak and would be the underdog against me. To me, you are the champ, you should fight whoever. I heard he hurt is knee and would be ready in February. Well it pisses me off, if you hurt your knee, most people know, you are out for longer than a couple months. It's all bullshit. Everyone is hurt. I fought with injuries, it is the fight game, I have an opponent I am committed. I am glad I got a fight, that is most important. It just pisses me off that people pick and choose who they fight. I don't pick and choose, I don't care who you are, I am ready to go. My career is to move up, beat the best to be the best. Who gives a shit, I wanna fight the best.

Q: You have said you can block the crowd out, but with you and R.J. and Dustin and J.T., this will be a big Strong Style crowd, could that affect him?
A: I don't know, I cant speak for him. It will be more motivating for me. I will have a lot of family and friends there. It gives people a chance to see me locally. It could, maybe it doesn't. I like being the under-dog, it motivates me more, people boo me, fuck everyone, you don't know who I am. Maybe it could distract him. Love or hate me, people are still gonna cheer, cause I am not boring, Is tand and bang. I don't lay and pray, I end it as quick as possible.

Q: With those three fighting early, can you come watch them and could it motivate you more?
A: If they fought later I wouldn't watch, I don't want the adrenaline dump. But they are early so I can watch and then go focus on myself. If they fought later, I don't want that distraction. I love to watch my teammates fight, but this is my day, I am alla bout myself, not to be cocky, but I am focused on myself. So I am glad they fight early so I can watch. On fight day I try and focus on myself. Things can happen, Jason you know, you can whup a dudes ass for three rounds and then get knocked out. Shit happens. I don't like if that happens to a teammate, I love my teammates, we are a family. But in the beginning I can watch and then go be by myself for an hour and keep negative shit out. I am excited for my teammates, we have had a great camp and are ready to go.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I never predict it, but a first round nasty K.O.. I am hungry and mad and pissed and about to prove myself. Nothing against my opponent but I am chomping at the bit. The longer between fights the more dangerous I am. A hungry John is a dangerous John. I am out for blood.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: All my sponsors, John P. Lennon, Intimidation Clothing, Tru Assassin Fight Gear, A.K.I. Fight Gear, Billy Flemming Landscaping, Bill Jackson Roofing, Hex Linc, Custom Apparel, Fast Graphics, all my teammates at Strong Style, we live and die with each other. Everyone knows my brother is my rock, without that dude I wouldn't be who I am. I love him to death. He is one of the most important people in my life. People see him with me, always does everything for me before a fight. I love him to death.

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