Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Forrest Petz Interview

Throughout the career of Forrest Petz, he has been known to be involved in exciting fights. Usually comes away from those fights with his hand raised, Two days after Thanksgiving, Petz sill be fighting Jordan Mein in Canada. The hope among those of us who know he deserves it, is that a win over the Strikeforce vet Mein could maybe earn him another opportunity with one of the big shows.

Q: Your last fight, you got a TKO victory over Sergej Juskevic, what did you think of your performance in that fight?
A: I was definitely happy that I won, that I won by KO, that I won such a good fight. Obviously there was stuff I could have done better. I can pretty close to the brink of not wining in that first round, so I could have done better there. To walk away with I win, I am satisfied with that.

Q With that fight you continued your streak of being in exciting fights, is that important to you, to not only win, but have exciting fights?
A: Yeah, there is a lot of good fighters out there, fighters who win, but you wanna be memorable. If you wanna do something in this sport, you gotta win fights but you wanna have fights that people want to see. Ultimately, someone has to pay for a ticket for your paycheck to come. That is the kind of fight people like to see and it is a fun fight anyway, so it works out.

Q: That fight was in March, in a perfect world, would you like to e more active?
A: Yeah, three or four fights a year. I would have liked more this year but I had an injury that kept me out for a little bit. Once very three months.

Q: You have Jordan Mein coming up, to me, in some ways you two are quite similar, would you agree?
A: In the fact we both like to keep the fight our feet, but style wise, on our feet we are different. He is more rangier, likes to stay at a distance, were as I like to get in close.

Q: Knowing he is someone who likes to stand, does that make it more exciting for you?
A: Yeah, because I can be confident he will engage and not lay on me like a wet blanket like you sometimes see in less exciting fights.

Q: The fight is two days after Thanksgiving. Are there any pros or cons to fighting so close to a holiday?
A: Well, you don't get to enjoy the holiday with your family. You have to lay off the big meal that everyone else is going to have. I'll have my Thanksgiving after the fight on the weekend, it will work out.

Q: You are both guys who have not been finished very often, does that make it more important to work on cardio, knowing it has a go of going three rounds?
A: Definitely! It's important no matter what because you never know, you cant bank on any fight ending early. You gotta be in shape and ready to roll. That has never been a problem for me.

Q: Looking at his game and your game, where do you feel you have the biggest advantage?
A: Overall, as far as being a pressure fighter. I can push the pace a little better. He likes to stay outside and pace himself and I think I can run him down.

Q: There are a few Strongstyle fighters fighting in December, does it help to have so many people at one gym getting ready at the same time?
A: Yeah, the guys around my weight class are at the gym training hard and I am able to work with them. I did a lot of work with Nick Duell and "Big" John Hawk for this fight.

Q: With this fight in Canada, he is gonna have a big crowd support, does that affect you at all or at this stage of your career can you block that out?
A: It has never affected me, being the hometown guy or the bad guy. Once the bell rings, you are ass is on the line and you just gotta worry about the guy across the cage. No one can help you hurt you. The only real advantage is the guy in his hometown, the close rounds tend to go his way. So you don't wanna go the the judges unless you are gonna win by a wide spread.

Q: It has been awhile since you fought at home, is that something you would like to do?
A: Yeah, it is just that right now I am making more money outside of Ohio. I was supposed to fight Travis lark last year but that fight fell through, and haven't had an opportunity since then. Actually I was trying to fight Kyle Baker at Fight Night in the Flats this year but fell through. I like fighting at home, it's nice to sleep in your own bed and cut weight at the place you train at, have you own routine and nothing gets disrupted.

Q: Jon has been fighting with Strikeforce and has wins over some good names, is there a hope that a win over him gets you another shot with one of the big shows?
A: Yeah, that's he idea. That is why I am fighting him in the first place. A win over him means something, he is looked at as a guy on the way up. If I play spoiler to him, I guess I inherit some of his hype?

Q: On the flip side, do you think they are bringing you in to be a name on his resume?
A: Absolutely that is what they are trying to do. I think they took this because the felt it was a safe fight outside of Strikeforce. Taking a fight against a guy who has been around and has some credibility but that they think is beatable. I am gonna prove that they made a mistake.

Q: Is that something you take personal?
A: Nah, I don't give a shit. I fight the same way no matter who I fight. I don't need bulletin board material, I've got my motivations and fight the same way no matter what?

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I plan on winning. I cant tell you if it is by KO or decision or even submission, but I plan on being the guy that wins.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: Everyone at Strong Style, John P. Lennon has helped me out over the years, and Intimidation Clothing supports me and has a shirt of mine.

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