Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dustin Kempf Interview

After suffering an injury in a fight in September 2011, Dustin Kempf is set to return at NAAFS Night of Champions on December 15th when he faces rising prospect Isaiah Chapman. A win over Chapman would go a long way in proving Kempf is one of the top guys in his weight class and move him closer to another crack at the title and moving on to bigger things. On a night filled with some great match-ups, this is definitely one of the most anticipated.

Q: Your last fight, in September 2011 against Frank Caraballo, you suffered and injury that has kept you out. How frustrating was it to battle back from an injury just to suffer another big one?
A: Pretty frustrating. That whole year was plagued with injuries, from a broken hand to a broken wrist to two knee surgeries. It was frustrating.

Q: At any point did you wonder if it was worth it to keep fighting and risking more injuries?
A: Yeah, after the last knee surgery I sat and thought about it and weighed my options. I thought about if I needed to keep doing it to myself and everybody else.

Q: You have Isaiah Chapman at Night of Champions, why take a fight with a top prospect in your first fight back instead of maybe a warm-up fight?
A: Isaiah is a top prospect, he is a well-rounded dude. You will never get anywhere in the world taking the easy way out. I could go in and fight twenty nobodies and then get to the UFC and fight a half-assed mediocre guy in the UFC and get beat up because I am not ready for the challenge. If I am gonna get to the top I gotta work my way up, so why not start off with the top guy in the area at 135.

Q: Are you confident you can go in the cage and block out the injuries and worry about another one?
A: Yeah absolutely! If I wasn't confident in my knee I wouldn't have taken the fight or started training so soon.

Q: Assuming you saw his fight with Mike Nesto, what did you think?
A: I have never seen the fight. I have seen him a handful of times. He is an up-and-comer, and the best 135'er around here right now.

Q: You have a good deal more pro experience than him, can that give you an edge?
A: It could, but I don't think it will. Isaiah has fought quite a bit in the amateurs to.

Q: What challenges can you present him that maybe he has not faced yet?
A: I think I will be the most well-rounded guy he has ever fought. I feel like I am gonna be stronger, I am one of the stronger guys and now bumping down an extra ten pounds, I assume I will be the strongest guy he has ever fought.

Q: On the flip side, is there any thing he can present that you are not used to?
A: He switches back to south-paw and counter punches real well. He has a lot of heart and determination. I know he is not gonna give up. He won't fold to my pressure.

Q: Would a win over him put you back in line for a title shot?
A: Yeah, I would think so, but I am not worried about the title shot right now. I am just trying to work my way up and get a crack at a big organization again.

Q: Is the goal another shot on a Bellator card or the UFC?
A: The main goal is to get to the UFC. UFC is the pinnacle of this sport. To get those UFC gloves handed to you, that means you earned your spot, like getting drafted in the NFL.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I set my goals high. I am gonna try and stop him. He has never been stopped, his only loss is a split decision. I want to make it a decisive win and prove to everyone I belong at the top.

Q: After this, how active do you want to be in 2013?
A: As active as possible. As long as I stay healthy and win this fight quick, I would like to jump back in in two weeks and do it again.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: Hex Linc Photos, Tru Assasin Fight Gear, Intimidation Clothing,Koi Salon, Depot Bar and Grill, Advanced Sports Labs, State Wide Roofing, My Gym Promos, Victory Martial Arts, my training partners, Tony Castillo, Tony Blackwell who is getting ready to be the new 155 pound interim title holder. Thanks to my family and friends for helping me through my surgery and getting me back on track.

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