Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mark Cherico Interview

Photo Credit: Landry Lynn

After recovering from an injury, Mark Cherico is ready to resume one of the most promising careers in the mid-west. After an undefeated amateur career, in April Cherico made his pro debut and continued his winning ways. On October 20th he steps back into the NAAFS cage at Caged Vengeance 12 to take on Jason Lawrence and looks to continue his winning streak and his streak of exciting fights.

Q: You won your pro debut in April, How did it feel to finally get to fight as a pro and fight for money?
A: It was really cool to finally be able to say I’m a Professional Fighter. I was hoping to get to use some elbows but the fight didn’t end up playing out that way. No worries though I’ll take a quick win like that any day. As for getting paid it was cool but I don’t fight for the money. We’re well taken care of working for Fight Club. So fighting for me really is just for fun.

Q: You were supposed to fight again this summer, but had to withdraw due to an injury, what was the injury?
A: I got injured three times in that last camp getting ready. The 1st was a back injury that really affected my grappling and ability to use my wrestling. Then I split my eyebrow grappling Luke Burdette. Thankfully my wife is a nurse and she fixed me up but a week later I went for an Omaplata on Khama Worthy and when he looked for a reversal his knee clipped my head and open a new cut right above the old one. So after that we made the decision to pull out and get healed up.

Q: Safe to say it is fully healed now?
A: Yes everything is healed up. I seen a chiropractor 3 days a week and with adjustments and massages my back is back at 100%. As for the cuts I think they were a result of bad training on my part. Now that we have Dave Sachs over seeing all of our day to day training there’s been no injuries & our level of training has greatly improved.

Q: You have Jason Lawrence coming up, what do you know about him?
A: I seen some old video’s of him. He’s a Southpaw he likes to wing some wild punches. Other than that I don’t know much else. He’s older so he doesn’t have a twitter or facebook so I was only able to find to YouTube video’s.

Q: From what I have seen, he hasn’t fought since early 2010, do you think ring rust could possibly be a factor for him?
A: I definitely think rust could be a huge factor. He hasn’t been in that environment in a long time. I’ve fought 6 times since his last fight.

Q: Is it hard to game plan for someone who hasn't fought in so long, not knowing where he could have improved in all that time?
A: No, from watching his video’s his style never seemed to change much at all. I can assume he’s gotten better, but we have worked on a ton of different scenarios for this fight & with the killers I have at FCP and with Dave Sachs & Justin Wilcox in my corner we will be able to adjust the game plan on the fly if we need to.

Q: You are used to finishing fights early, now that you are fighting five minute rounds, if a fight goes into that third round, I assume you are confident cardio would not be an issue for you?
A: There’s no way cardio will ever be an issue for me. Thanks in large part to Scott Umberger of Umberger Performance. Aside from training me before fights his 8 week fight prep turns me into a machine. Scott has it down to a science and I know I got the gas tank to push hard all 3 rounds.

Q: With more and more people paying attention to you, could he come in with the attitude that a win over you would be a big boost to for his resume?
A: I’m sure that’s going through his head. But I’m not about to be a name on his resume. He’s someone I got to get through in order to take that next step in my career.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: You’re going to see Mark Cherico entertain as always. When that cage door closes I’ll be looking for the finish and I believe I’ll find it. Then when I get the mic I will thank my sponsors and then proceed to entice the crowd.

Q: You have had a few fights with NAAFS now, how have you enjoyed working with them?
A: I love fighting for NAAFS! They’ve been great to me. I hope to continue fighting for them!

Q: It is a little early still, but how far away do you feel you are from fighting for a title?
A: I honestly don’t think about that. I just want to keep fighting and keep winning. When the time comes and I get an offer I’ll sit down and talk with Sachs and see if he feels I’m ready. But right now the only thing I’m thinking about is my Jason Lawrence.

Q: After this fight, any idea what you want next, or just taking it a fight at a time?
A: After this fight I’m going home and spending time with my beautiful baby girl Aubree Rose & my wife Nicole. This has been a long camp and I haven’t been home as much as I’d like to be. Nicole understands and supports me chasing my dream so I want make sure I get to show her how much I appreciate that. When she gets annoyed with me that’s when I’ll know it’s time to get back in the cage.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I got a lot of people to thank. First and foremost my wife for being so supportive, and blessing me with a beautiful daughter. I’d also like to thank my daughter Aubree for sleeping through the night so I can get the rest I need to get up and back in the gym every day. I’d like to thank my coach Dave Sachs for helping make me a better fighter and putting together a great training camp. Thanks to Justin Wilcox for working with me just about every day leading up to this fight and also teaching me so much. Thanks to all my teammates from Fight Club Pittsburgh & all the guys from Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh. Also special thanks to Poochi who sent me up to NYC to train at Renzo Gracie NYC & Edge Hoboken. Thanks to Mick & Melissa for giving me this amazing job at Fight Club. Thanks to Scott Umber of Umberger Performance for always pushing me in the gym and helping me to become a better athlete. Thanks to my sponsors Prescription Nutrition who has some amazing products, check them out at Also thanks to Intimidation Clothing for the all great gear and look for me to be rocking there Board Shorts in my upcoming fight, check them out at Also thanks to Blasfome Clothing locate on East Carson or buy online at Thanks to ESCO Inc., The Filth Squad, Double D’s Saloon for also sponsoring me. Also after this fight I’ll be raffling off my fight shorts autographed of course and donating all the proceeds to The Mad About Maddux Foundation so even if you don’t want the shorts enter the raffle cause it’s going to a great cause! Lastly shout out to my #BlacktalianMMA brethren Justin Steave, Luke Burdette, Tyler Saltsman & Dave Sachs. Follow me on twitter @MarkChericoMMA

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