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Kelly Warren Interview

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On September 15th Kelly Warren looks to bounce back from some tough losses when she takes on Tyra Parker at NAAFS Caged Fury 19. Warren has a very deceptive record when you consider her losses were competitive fights against Aisling Daly, Jessica Eye and Tara LaRosa. Warren has improved with each fight leaving every reason to believe that in this fight we could see the best Kelly Warren to date.

Q: You are coming off a little losing streak against some really good competition. Was it hard to not get too down on yourself?
A: Yeah definitely. The last time was cause I thought I was more prepared than my last fight. I didn't think I was gonna fight that one. It took me a month to talk myself back into it and Justin talked me back into it. I've been doing t for awhile and I believe I can go far. Having those losses in a row was hard.

Q: Going back to the Tara LaRosa fight, you got submitted with one second left in the round, were you aware there was just one second left?
A: No I wasn't. I was not aware of the time at all. That really was a bummer. I didn't realize it till me and my manager Brett had talked about it. We walked upstairs and he said "did you know there was one second left?" I was like "you mean there was one second left?" I was unaware of everything at that point. That was a really bad call.

Q: When you found out was it hard not to kind of hit yourself?
A: Yes haha. I hear it a lot, "you know how much different things would be if there was one second different in that fight?", and I'm like "Yeah, I'm aware of it" haha.

Q: You are fighting Tyra Parker coming up, you were supposed to fight in Michigan and were suddenly added to this card, can you explain how everything happened?
A: The fight in Michigan, basically I got dropped from the card. I got a contract to fight somebody and was stalking her to see what she was up to. I went on her facebook page and the matchmaker posted on her page that she was contracted to a different female fighter. I got ahold of Brett and Brett asked him and he said it was true. He basically sent out two different contracts for one fighter. The other girl got the fight because it was a better match-up since they were both 0-0 pros and she supposedly was supposed to have the fight first. I don't know exactly why it got worked out that way. He told me if one got injured I would that I would get the opening. But I was upset because he had asked me even before I fought in Costa Rica to be on the card. So I asked Nichole (Long) if she had any openings on any of her cards.

Q: The fact that Nichole would put you on a card on short notice to help you out like that, how much do you appreciate that?
A: Nichole is such a great person. I love working with her. She is fun to talk to and down to earth. I have known her for awhile. From the beginning of my amateur card. We met when she was working for King of the Cage. She was trying to get me to come to Ohio, but Michigan has different sanctioning rules for amateurs than Ohio. I couldn't fight there, so I turned pro. She has been very helpful these last few fights. I always contact her and she tries hard to get me something.

Q: Being that it is your third fight with NAAFS, is it safe to assume you like fighting for them?
A: Yes! They are very well organized, the people are nice, easy to work with, I have never had any problems with anything, so it has been awesome.

Q: Is it nice to come fight for them and not have to fight Jessica Eye making you the most evil person in the world?
A: Haha, Yeah. Me and Jessica fought and it was a great fight. I enjoy coming to her gym (Strong Style) and training with her and this time I was trying to help so she could come here with me for this fight. I think we will try and keep that going, we have a good relationship. She is such a hard worker, a great fighter, lots of skills. We train well together.

Q: Since you fought her, you guys have talked and trained, what does it say about the two of you that you have that fight and now are so willing to help each other out?
A: It is our job I guess. Before we had never talked before the fight, maybe exchanged words at the Aisling fight, but that is about it. We are not catty like most female fighters. It was a good loss and I appreciate that she thinks enough of me as a fighter that she would have me come work with her.

Q: So, do you know anything about Tyra?
A: No, we have tried to find stuff on her. She is 1-2 and hasn't fought since 2010. I am not quite sure on why she has been off, or just decided to get back into it again. It will be interesting. She was fighting at 112 or 120.

Q: Even your losses were against great opponents, can your resume and the people you have fought close fights with be intimidating for her?
A: What I was looking at is the fact that my losses are due to armbar and her win is by armbar, so she can look at it that way. That is how I would look at it. But my goal is to keep it standing and play my game. It is hard to say what she can deal with, I have had so many more fights than her.

Q: After fighting the girls you have fought is it hard to not under-estimate her?
A: No! I don't know what she has been doing, she could have been sharpening every skill. We have worked on my weak areas and not worry about what she can do.

Q: None of her fights, wins or losses, have gone past two minutes, if the fight goes into rounds two or three, since you have that experience, does that give you an advantage?
A: I hope so. Having more recent fights that her, she may have the adrenaline build-up from being off so long and then cardio wise being a mental struggle. I do have that advantage.

Q: Is there a key to you winning this fight?
A: Yes, if she flurries, use distance, keep my distance, stay long, lots of punches on the outside.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: No, of course everyone hopes for the knock-out or finish. I want to finish, I don't wanna go the distance. If it does, I just wanna come out with the win.

Q: Any idea what you want after this, or just focused on this?
A: I want to fight two more times this year. I want to end the year on a good note. After this, if I don't get too banged up, I am going to do the Michigan Open Grappling tournament. I am just trying to stay active.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: Everybody, NAAFS for giving me fights, Tyra for being an opponent, my sponsors Intimidation and Klench Mouth Guards, my manager Addison Sports Management, my family and friends, and of course you Jason.

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