Friday, September 7, 2012

Jessica Zomcik Interview

After more than a year off to heal from injuries, Jessica Zomcik returns to the cage at NAAFS Combat Challenge 22 to take on Ashley Rickard. A well-rounded fighter, Zomcik is known for always having an exciting crowd pleasing fight. This fight with Rickard is a fight that could definitely steal the show.

Q: You have not fought since December 2010, for those who may not know, can you explain why you were off for so long?
A: I had shoulder injuries. I had bursitis, arthritis and tendinitis in both shoulders. I was going through a rough time in my life. It took nine months of rehab to get my shoulders to where I could hold anything heavier than a purse without them popping out. Probably about February of this year I got a personal trainer and really started hitting it hard. It took several months to get a match-up.

Q: Was it hard to take all that time off?
A: I was still training through-out it. I took a month off after the fight to regroup. I had gone three years solid of training with no more than a dew days off here and there. It was heart-braking to not step in the cage that long.

Q: You are fighting Ashley Rickard, what do you know about her?
A: Not much. I am just gonna fight my game. I heard she is well-rounded, a little bit of everything. I hope it is a good fight, I think it will be exciting.

Q: Do you worry about cage rust?
A: I think there will be cage rust in some form. But I am training so hard and so much that I think a lot of it has been knocked off training at Evolve and cross-training at GriffonRawl. It really helps training in a cage and working with a lot of amateur and pro fighters to get your feeling back in the cage.

Q: With the two of you both having good ground games, does it maybe increase the chance it becomes more stand-up?
A: I like to stand and bang but I like the ground. I am comfortable wherever it goes.

Q: Is there a key to you winning the fight?
A: Flying omoplata haha. Just fight smart and have fun. That's my game.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: My hand being raised.

Q: After this fight, how active would you like to be?
A: Probably every two months, that would be great.

Q: Anyone who has seen you knows your fights are usually crowd pleasing, is that something you take pride in?
A: I think so. It is displaying what you have worked so hard on. It is very satisfying to have people excited to watch you fight and talk about you and be impressed with your skills.

Q: have you put any thought into how many fights you would want before turning pro?
A: Yes and no. Right now I have eight. Probably ten to fifteen. I think me and my coaches will know when I am ready or when they cant find me anyone else as an amateur.

Q: You recently cornered Jessica Dinch in her win, were you more nervous cornering someone else than for your own fights?
A: Oh my gosh, yes. This was my first time cornering. It was nerve racking and exciting at the same time. You are like a marionette and you are controlling from the outside what she is doing to a certain extent. It is like a teammate fighting, you are nervous for them. It is more nerve racking to corner or have a teammate fight than yourself fight.

Q: Is it something you would like to do more of?
A: Yeah, I really enjoyed it. It was exciting. It is like a front row seat and you are yelling at them and they can listen and you are not just a fan in the stand screaming, you have a purpose. It transfers into your own fighting, you tell them something like "Put your head up", and now understand what your corner goes through when you fight. So it can really benefit.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: Jason Cardinali, her is my personal trainer. Everyone at Evolve, John Cook, Ryan Madigan, Steve Traczyk, and everyone who I cross-train with.

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