Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jessica Dinch Interview

Let's be honest. You look at someone with an 0-3 record and it may not seem impressive. But if you saw the talent the person sporting that 0-3 record has fought and maybe you would change your mind. The fighter I am talking about is Jessica Dinch. On August 4th Jessica steps back into the NAAFS cage with her "I'll fight anyone" attitude a new and improved fighter as she takes on the debuting Amber Sacramone.

Q: I know you have been anxious to fight, so has recently cornering fighters like
Ashley Hawkins and Sarah McLeod made you more anxious to fight or made not fighting a little easier?
A: It made me wanna fight a zillion times more! Walking out to the cage with them
all I could think was "I hope you guys kick ass and I can't fucking wait till I make
my way to the cage again"

Q: You have been getting a lot of training in with some good fighters like Ashley,
Sarah and Jessica Eye, how much has it helped your game to get to train with these girls?
A: It's been absolutely amazing getting to train with these ladies! They each have their own style of fighting so I learn something new from each of them. I've also trained with Jessica Zomcik! Her ground game is legit! So it's been pretty awesome getting some training in with these higher skilled female fighters and you will see Saturday just how much it's helped :)

Q: Jessica Eye will be cornering you for this fight, can having someone like her in
your corner be intimidating for an opponent, especially in this case with a girl making her debut?
A: All I have to say is, I'm definitely glad she's in my corner and not my opponents haha.

Q: You are fighting Amber Sacramone, it is her debut, does fighting someone you don't know much about make it any harder for you to come up with a game plan?
A: No, not at all. My game for every fight is to fight my fight and be ready to go
wherever the fight goes. I'm 110% ready!

Q: Even in losses, you have fought some tough girls and done well against them, how
much of an advantage can that experience give you against?
A: I think it's an advantage for sure. A lot of people look at my record and think
"easy fight" but they fail to look at who I've fought. I've fought all legit
fighters! I think I'll be underestimated and that's gonna be a big advantage for me.

Q: You have shown you are good standing and good on the ground, so does that make you pretty comfortable wherever the fight goes?
A: Haha I've lost all my fights on the ground! But Let's just say this, I'm more than ready to stand and bang or to ground and pound..Hell, I might even shock everyone and go for a submission haha.

Q: Do you have any kind of idea what to expect from her?
A: I have a pretty good idea of what to expect from her. But this is my fight and I'm gonna control every second of it!!

Q: Is there a key to you winning this fight?
A: Controlled aggression, listening to my corners and pushing the pace. I'm gonna be in her face 100% of the time!

Q: Do you Have a prediction?
A: More like a goal-- to make the crowd go "damnnnn" haha, that's when you know
you've put on one hell of a show! And I will walk away with the W!!!

Q: Assuming you win this fight, any idea what you want next, or are you just
focussed on this one for now?
A: One fight at a time.

Q: Safe to say you would like to be more active in the future?
A: Oh yes! This once a year shit isn't cutting it. Fighting is my dream! I don't fight for any reason other than I love to fucking fight!!! I love the challenge, the emotions, the training, the pain, the blood, the bruises, and the sweat! I love it all!! And I know I've got a long way to go but I'm coming for that NAAFS 105 LB belt!

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: First and foremost, Strong Style Fight Team, Marcus, Pablo, Jess and the rest of the team. I've never felt so welcomed anywhere else! The first time I walked into that gym, I knew it's where I wanna be or where I need to be if I wanna succeed in this sport! Which is why as soon as everything falls into place, I'll be making the move to Cleveland to be at Strong Style full time! There are some truly amazing people at that gym that go out of their way to help you and teach you! And I can't thank them all enough! Next is Ashley Hawkins who kicks my ass on a daily basis and kicks me in the ass when I start to lose focus haha, and you Jason for always showing your love and support to me and women's mma!

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