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Roosevelt Archie Interview

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Roosevelt Archie brings a deceiving 3-4 record into his Combat Challenge 21 fight on July 14th. Deceiving because Archie has been improving with each fight, most recently a decision win over Nick Espinosa. He will be opposing Jordan Baldwin, himself a talented fighter. This could be a show stealer between these two.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the sport?
A: I started going to some tough man boxing fights and one of my buddies let me know about the MMA game. One of the guys down the street had a gym in his garage and asked if I wanted to join, and I'm here now.

Q: How long did you train before you first fought?
A: I trained for about a year before I first fought. The guys figured I wasn't ready yet, so I took the time till they thought I was ready and then I hopped in the cage.

Q: A lot of people fight to soon, looking back, has it helped you that you waited?
A: Yes, it was a good idea to wait for sure. The level of MMA today, it is hard to transition from being just a street fighter or anything like that into the MMA game.

Q: Your last fight you won a split decision over Nick Espinosa, how did you feel about your performance?
A: I felt I could have done better. My knee was hurting so I didn't get to perform as well as I could, but you guys will be exited for this next one.

Q: What impressed me is your ground game seems to be really improving, is that something you have been working on?
A: I have been working on my ground game more than anything. That is where I lack the most. MY ground game has come a very long way.

Q: You have Jordan Baldwin coming up, what do you know about him?
A: I don't know much about him. I know he is from Evolve so he will be coming to fight. They are a pretty well-rounded team there and have a lot of good guys there. I know he is coming to fight so I am bringing my best and we'll see what happens.

Q: You are tall for your weight, how big of an advantage does your reach give you?
A: My reach gets me a long way. I am between 6'1" and 6'2", even guys taller than me don't have a reach like me. My reach is seventy-nine and a half inches, so it definitely gives me an advantage.

Q: When someone comes out in the first round and your reach catches them off guard can it throw off their whole game plan?
A: Yeah it can throw off their game-plan a lot. As long as I can stay running and use my reach and they cant touch me, it will throw off their whole game-plan in general.

Q: Evolve has a lot of supporters, especially in this venue, are you o.k. with kind of being the bad guy?
A: Yeah I am usually the under-dog. Not too many people know me, so I am just getting my name out there. I don't mind being the under-dog.

Q: What's the key to winning this fight for you?
A: Just use my reach. Try and keep it standing.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: No prediction, I have a game-plan.

Q: You have fought a lot for NAAFS, is there a reason you like to fight for them?
A: NAAFS definitely puts on the best shows and has the best competition. Nichole (Long) is an awesome person to work for, she is willing to work with you.

Q: Does part of you wish you could occasionally fight at home?
A: Yes I do. It would be easier to get people to come watch me fight. Coming to Ohio is a two hour drive and no one wants to really drive two hours and then drive two hours home. But I get as much support as I can.

Q: Your gym is very supportive of each other when someone fights, how much does that help?
A: It helps a lot. We are getting our name out there. We are putting on some good fights and people are finding out who we are. All in all we are getting our name out there. People are respecting us and I respect the sport. It feels good to have people on your side.

Q: PA Brawlers has been putting on some exciting fights, does that make it easier to get fights knowing you guys will put on those exciting fights and entertaining the crowd?
A: Yes, it is pushing people to put on better fights. It helps when people want you to fight for them. NAAFS has the best to offer, so I am staying there, it's my home.

Q: Assuming you win this, any idea what you want next, or just thinking about this one?
A: Right now, just thinking about this fight. Within a few fights I would like to go pro. This is my eight fight. I would like to go pro and show people what I have.

Q: With pro rules, what part do you think would most benefit you?
A: My elbows. My elbows are fierce. And I can throw a lot of knees. Me being tall at 135, most guys are short, guys need to watch out for knees to the face.

Q: As I pro, will you stay at 135?
A: Yes I would.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I wanna thank my team, PA Brawlers. My sponsors, Loos Toof Fight Gear and Rev Gear. The NAAFS, my friends and family who support me, and last but not least, my boy Jason Adams.

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