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Meghan Joyce Interview

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Meghan Joyce has not fought since making her amatuer debut with an impressive debut in March 2011 with a one minute guillotine win over Rebecca Gruitza. She makes her return to the NAAFS cage on July 14th against the debuting Lorraine Williams. She says this fight will show her where she stands and how far she wants to try and take her career. Don't let their inexperience fool you, this could be a very exciting fight, as Meghan says, it isn't going the distance, regardless of who comes out on top.

Q: Last time we did this, you were preparing to fight at Eve of Destruction, which circumstances prevented the card from happening. At that time it seemed that you were using that fight to see how far you wanted to go in MMA. Is that accurate and if so, is it the case with this fight?
A: Yes! Yeah it is. I want to see how good I am all-around. I didn't get to long of a fight in my last one and it didn't have much stand-up. So I think I am really going to try and stand-up this time and see if I have skills or not. If I get destroyed and it's not the sport for me, I guess I wont do it.

Q: You are fighting Lorraine Williams, with it being her debut, is it safe to say you don't know much about her?
A: I don't know much at all. All I know is she is a roller derby girl. So I assume she will be athletic with thicker legs, cause you have to have strong muscles for roller derby. I think she is going to be tough and more of a street fighter type mind set. I am kind of nervous about that cause she will have less control, I wont know what to expect. That can be good or bad. I am just gonna see what she is about the first round and go from there.

Q: Is it hard to game plan when you don't know anything about her?
A: Yeah! I know nothing about her. I don't know how tall she is, her reach, her background. It is nerve racking. I don't know anything about her.

Q: So basically your game plan needs to be to just work on what you know you are good at?
A: Exactly! That's what I am gonna do. Just trying to become really strong with my legs and prepare cause I don't know what to expect.

Q: You seem like you have been getting in better physical shape, is that something you have been trying to do?
A: Yeah, this time it's different. I am trying to build more muscle because it's a bigger weight class for me. Before I was doing cardio and getting skinny. I am already at my weight, so I am just building. My brother is making me take protein. I keep cardio in there but do heavy lifting to build up my strength.

Q: Will you be more comfortable at 125?
A: No, I am really nervous. I don't like 125 because I feel they will be taller and heavier. I like to cut weight. I walk around at 125 or 127. So I'm like "oh jeez, I don't have to cut, it makes me nervous, I'd like to fight someone smaller and throw them around". She will be just as strong as me. This is as high s I will ever go. So I probably wont do 125 anymore. Like Jessica Eye and Ashley Hawkins fight at 125 and they are bigger than me, so that makes me nervous. Will she come in looking like them? It makes me nervous.

Q: Are there any benefits to fighting at 125?
A: Like I said, just building up muscle and not cutting. I wont be cutting or be weak. At 115 I had to cut and wasn't at my best physical shape. I will have full energy, a nice weight, not to big and not to skinny. I think that could be a benefit, we will see. Hopefully she isn't to tall, cause I am only 5'3". Rebecca was like six feet tall.

Q: By beating Rebecca, you know you can beat a taller girl, does that give you confidence if she is tall?
A: Yeah! I am glad she was that tall cause I knew I needed to be inside, get in and get out. You cant dance around with them cause there reach and legs are so long. She could have kicked me all day and I couldn't do anything. I have seen her fight and she held the girl and just kept hitting the girl cause the girl was so short and her reach was so small. You have to get inside or be way outside. So I know and if the girl is taller, I can either take her to the ground or get in and get out.

Q: Even only having one short fight, does that experience give you an advantage since she has not fought?
A: Absolutely! Nerves is the biggest thing to overcome. You are in front of a lot of people, fans, friends, cameras. That was huge for me. When the bell rang, I had to think "Oh my gosh Meghan, here we go". I was so nervous, and looking at everyone, you have to overcome that. So I have gotten passed that feeling. For her will be different. She will be nervous and hear people and the cameras and lights, it will be scary.

Q: Winning by choke, assuming that's all she knows about you, do you expect her to work extra hard to avoid that situation?
A: Yeah I do. I came from Nutter MMA originally and they are such a wrestling gym, I think even Rebecca thought I would do all ground. That wasn't my game plan but the guillotine just fell to me. I do think if that's all she knows, yeah, she will be working on ground defense and stand-up. Which is fine, cause I don't know my plan yet.

Q: Is there a key to winning?
A: I think the main key in any fight is to be focused, don't let nerves take over. Remember everything you have trained for and worked for. You have a short time to get the job done. Get in and get out with a win and celebrate after.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I will tell you this, I won't let it go to the judges. Either she beats me or I beat her, it won't be the judges deciding, I wont let that happen.

Q: Assuming you win and are happy with your performance, would you like to fight again sooner?
A: Yes, absolutely. I have had a few offers and have been putting it off. Taking it back into my lifestyle, I am gonna see how this goes and if I am good at this, I will pursue it and see if it can become a career. But first see how this goes and go from there.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: Everyone who has helped me train, definitely Bryan Carpenter, he is my biggest inspiration, always wants to train. All the girls in MMA for doing this and making it possible for girls to fight.

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