Monday, June 25, 2012

Josh Burr Interview

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Coming off a close loss in a fight he very well could have been given the decision in, Josh Burr returns to the cage on July 14th to take on Matt Campbell. In his last fight, he admits, he could ahve been more aggressive. Learning from past mistakes, with improved confidence, we could see a much improved Josh Burr at Combat Challenge.

Q: You are coming off a loss to Zach Forrester in January by split decision. Do you feel you did enough to win that fight?
A: Yeah, I feel that I did enough to win. I felt that my takedowns should have won the fight. He really didnt do much for 3 rounds. He definitaly won the first. he connected a few times, I didnt connect at all. I was disgusted with myself after that loss. No offence to Forrester, but no way in hell should I have lost that fight. I am miles better then him and better then the performance I put on. My lack of confidence on my feet lost me that fight. I beat myself.

Q: Do you feel you maybe they judges would have liked it if you were more aggressive?
A: Yeah, for sure. I got hit a couple times in the beginning of the first round. From then until the final bell I was gun shy. His punches werent hurting me, I just felt myself black out for a quick second like twice. I was worried I would go unconcious so I avoided them all together and then my takedowns became relentless. If I were more aggresive on my feet, it would have swayed the judges majorly.

Q: Did you give his stand-up too much respect?
A: I think I did, yeah. Like I said, he didnt do much, his stand up was inafective after round one. I was just gun shy. The biggest mistake of the fight on my part.

Q: You have Matt Campbell coming up, what do you know about him?
A: He fights out of Tom Sauer MMA. He's 6'1", 29 years old. He's a jitz guy, seems to be able to take shots pretty well. Tall and skiny.

Q: Is there anything for the last fight that can help you in this one?
A: Experience. I've been knocked out, submitted, and lost a decision. I know how to lose. Just have to figure out the winning part. I'm getting closer and closer to that.

Q: Does the change in opponents change at all how you are training?
A: It doesnt change the level of my training. This guy is 6'1", thats tall for a bantamweight, I need to work on containing is height and reach advantage, create a whole new game plan.

Q: Is there a key for you to win this fight?
A: The key is to find my rythem, get comfortable in the cage, and let it all hang out. Release my arsenal on him.

Q: Do you have a predicition?
A: No prediction. I think predictions are immature. I use to predict my fights, I realize its juvenile. I'm gonna give myself every option to win. Thats all I know.

Q: Assuming you win this one, any idea what you want next, or just focussed on this one right now?
A: If I win, my focus is strengthening my body and MMA skills, I'm gonna want to fight again soon after, but I'm gonna keep myself out for a little while to improve. My heart is on this one fight, and getting better when its over.

Q: You have been fighting for NAAFS, what do you like about fighting for them?
A: Everything! Nichole is great, always a huge help. The organization is run very well. Good people. Its easy to have fun and fight for this organization and the competion is unbelievable.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: My mom, fiance, my daughter, sisters, friends, coaches everyone who has been a apart of this MMA journey.

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