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Dan Spohn Interview

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Dan Spohn is coming off a very disputable decision loss to Attila Vegh in his most recent fight. Spohn returns to the Bellator cage this month as he defends his NAAFS Light Heavyweight title against Josh Stansbury. Spohn already holds a victory over Stansbury via guillotine who himself is coming off an impressive win in his return to the cage over John Opfar. This fight has all the makings for a stand-up war.

Q: You are coming off a loss to Attila Vegh by decision. I thought you clearly won two rounds, did you feel you did enough to get the decision?
A: Yeah I thought I did. But it's my fault for leaving it in the judges hands.

Q: Do you think you could have been more aggressive?
A: Yes I think so. I think I waited a little too long and should have started being aggressive from the first round on.

Q: A lot of people went in with the idea he was supposed to win. Could that have played in the judges minds at all?
A: I think it's possible. It goes from judge to judge, but I definitely think that's a possibility.

Q: You have Josh Stansbury coming up, coming off of two losses how important is a win for you?
A: It's very important. It's gonna be like the first day I fought. I am gonna go in with a determination to do the best I can and win in the most devastating fashion.

Q: With NAAFS being your springboard into Bellator, does it mean anything special to you to defend your NAAFS title on a Bellator card?
A: Yeah it does. It makes it that much better. NAAFs is where I started my pro career and had a lot of amateur fights. It means a lot to be part of them still and at the same time be competing in Bellator.

Q: He will be the home town fighter, does the crowd being behind him get into your head at all?
A: I actually am glad. I do my best when I am the under dog or when the crowd is against me, so it will help me.

Q: When you are fighting do you hear the crowd?
A: Sometimes, but usually I am pretty focused on the fight.

Q: You have a win over him in 2009 by guillotine, does that give you a psychological advantage?
A: It lets me know I can win for sure. But at the same time, whether he realizes it or not, it's gonna play a little bit in his mind to know he has lost to me before. So it does give me a slight edge.

Q Does the fact it was by guillotine maybe play in his mind to make him avoid being caught in that position again?
A: I am sure he has been ready for it and trained for it and will watch out so he doesn't get caught in it again.

Q: Since September 2010 he has basically had a minute and a half of cage time, where as you have been active, can that play a part in how this fight goes?
A: I think it definitely can. Ring rust, the time off, and the fact I have already fought for Bellator, and like you said I have been very active, I think that it definitely plays a big part.

Q: This is his first Bellator fight, in your first one, were there any extra nerves?
A: I think so. I was extremely nervous about it. It's the next level, way more people, more coverage, television, everything like that. It plays a big part in it.

Q: Anyone who saw your fight with John Hawk knows you can go five rounds and still have good cardio. If it goes into the later rounds, does that give you an advantage knowing you can do that?
A: I think so. I don't think Josh has gone that long or even gone the distance. It's twenty-five minutes of fighting and the only way to know what it feels like is to do it. So if it goes that far it will be an advantage for me.

Q: What do you expect out of him?
A: I'm just studying his video and seeing what he does. I expect him to come out the same way he does in most of his fights. I don't expect to put myself in a bad position to make it easier for him in any way.

Q: Is there an area where you feel you have the biggest advantage?
A: Not really sure. I know he likes to strike, we both like to strike. I can take a really good hit and am not sure how good a hit he can take, so I might have an advantage in that area.

Q: Is there a key to winning this fight?
A: I think just being more active and aggressive. Not waiting to counter as much. That will be a big advantage for me, I have worked on that since my last fight so I don't wait to long.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: Just that I plan on getting back in the winner's circle.

Q: After this do you want to stay ready in case there is an injury in the tournament maybe you can get in?
A: Oh yea, I am definitely looking at that as an option. I will stay ready and if there is an injury maybe they will call me and I will be right there and be ready.

Q: If that doesn't happen, any idea what you wanna do next or just wait till that happens?
A: I guess I will just wait till this fight and see what happens from there. If that doesn't happen I guess we will start from there.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I want to thank my sponsors, Intimidation Clothing, NAAFs and Bellator for the opportunity, Jorge Gurgel at JG MMA, he has been a great coach and kept me motivated, all my training partners.

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