Friday, April 6, 2012

Justin Steave Interview

After a disputed decision loss to Danny Chaves, Justin Steave brings a 1-1 record into his fight with Jeremy Czarnecki at NAAFS Caged Fury 17 on April 27th. Steave will be returning to the organization where he had some great amateur success with wins over some talented opponents. If you attend the card, make sure to pay attention to this one and see why I have said Justin Steave is one of my favorite fighters to watch.

Q; First, for those who may not be familiar, can you talk about how you got started in the sport?
A: I got started basically cause I was a fan since I first started watching it. I wanted to learn a little bit. Branden Hinkle was a UFC vet and I told him I wanted to start training, and that's how I started.

Q: Your last fight you lost a decision to Danny Chaves in a fight most think you won. How frustrating was it to not get the decision.
A: It was real frustrating, but I didn't throw all my tools in the basket. I went out there basically trying to win a decision cause I took the fight on six days notice, so wasn't sure about my cardio, so I didn't use all my weapons. That's what happens I guess when you hold back too much.

Q: Does stuff like that make you more cautious about traveling far for a fight?
A: Yeah it definitely does. It opened my eyes up big time. You go to South Florida and fight the home town kid, you have to win decisive, it cant be a close fight. You have to go out there ready to take him out.

Q: Even though most people think you won, does the loss make you feel like in this fight you have something to prove?
A: Yeah I think so. People think, I don't wanna say washed up, but they think things. I am ready to show what I bring on April 27th.

Q: You had a lot of amateur success with the NAAFS, are you excited to fight for them again?
A: Yes I am really excited to fight for them. Their pro fights are nationally televised events. A lot of exposure with those guys, and they are good guys and like family.

Q: You are fighting Jeremy Czarnecki, what do you know about him?
A: I don't know much about him. Seems like a wrestler and tough kid from what I have seen. I don't really know. Tough kid, might be a war and might not, you never know haha.

Q: He is 4-2 as a pro, but seems you are maybe a step up in opponents for him, would you agree?
A: I don't wanna say that. I have only had two pro fights. Pro rules are a lot different than amateur, there are a lot more tools you can use.

Q: From what you do know, where is your biggest advantage?
A: Standing and my Jiu-Jitsu. His wrestling is probably the same I would say, but I don't think he has an advantage on me anywhere.

Q: Where does he pose the biggest threat, would it be his wrestling?
A: Yeah, I guess you could probably say that. Its probably his best option I would think.

Q: Whats the key to winning this fight?
A: Just be ready when the bell rings.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: Getting my hand raised at the end.

Q: You come from a good team at Fight Club Pittsburgh. Lot's of talented fighters, how much does that help you?
A: It helps tremendously. The amount of talent we have, Mark Cherico is there, Jason Cardillo, Adam Milstead, we are all fighting on the same card together, and we have a had a couple guys like Eddie Alvarez come in. Its a great atmosphere there, its like a family.

Q: With others from the same team on the same card, how much does it help to have them going through a camp with you?
A: It's amazing. Training as hard as you can with guys at their peak also, instead of guys not being there two or three weeks, everyone is putting in the work and pushing each other.

Q: I see you corner guys and you get genuinely excited when they win, when you are on the same card as a teammate, do you get more nervous for your fight or for them?
A: My teammates because I have no control in the outcome.

Q: Any idea what yo want next, or are you just focused on this?
A: I am focused on this right now. But I will be ready to win this fight and be ready for whoever else.

Q: Would you like to keep fighting for NAAFS and maybe earn a title shot at some point?
A: Yeah that would be awesome. We will talk to Greg (Kalikas) and Nichole (Long) after the fight and see what they wanna do.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: I wanna thank Fight Club Pittsburgh for helping me through everything. Scott Umberger at Umberger Performance for my conditioning. My management agency CSA, Big Time and BG. My teammates, friends and family. My sponsors SDC Nutrition, Intimidation Clothing, Thick As Thieves clothing. I wanna thank you Jason for interviewing me, I really appreciate it.

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