Monday, April 9, 2012

Jessica Eye Interview

One of Ohio's most popular fighters, if not it's most popular fighter, Jessica Eye returns to the cage for Bellator on April 20th. Her originally scheduled opponent was a rematch with Aisling Daly, but as you will read, there is a change.

Q: Originally you were scheduled to fight Aisling Daly, but that has changed, can you explain what happened?
A: Obviously we were getting ready to fight Aisling Daly, and we were prepared to fighter her fight. With her pulling out, all its done is change our mindset and made us realize we are ready for whoever. We were ready for Aisling and are ready for Anita Rodriguez.

Q: Was the fight with Aisling more about a rematch to avenge your loss or getting the title?
A: The fight wasn't for me anymore. it was for the fans and everyone else. That loss made me better and I don't wanna take that away.

Q: You are fighting Anita Rodriguez, what do you know about her?
A: Not much. I know she was gonna fight Cat Zingano at Invicta, but Cat got hurt and she is fighting me. I know she was a boxer and has submission wins. Like every female, learning the sport and getting better.

Q: Does this make you change your training at all?
A: No I just keep going the way I have been going. Train twice a days, making myself better in every avenue. Just working on everything.

Q: Your stand-up, especially kicks and angles has been improved, did you make a conscious effort to improve that?
A: Yeah, I feel I am growing as a fighter and learning more. learning to use more things under pressure. Its making it fun to realize all the things I practice are coming together.

Q: From what you know about her, whats your key to winning?
A: Stick to my game plan and make her fight my style. Stick to my own game plan.

Q: When you come to Ohio and fight Jessica Eye, you are gonna get booed out of the building. Can the pressure get to her?
A: If she is a true fighter it wont bother her one bit. The crowd behind you is an awesome thing, but its gotta be a motivational thing. I wouldn't wanna get booed but I would feel just as much positive energy from it as the negative.

Q: Four Strong Style fighters on the card, whats the benefits of so many people at the same gym peaking at the same time.
A: the camaraderie is the best thing. All of us are in complete understanding of each other, helping each other, picking each other up, knowing we are getting ready for something big. We are each trying to win for different reason.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: Win.

Q: I asked John (Hawk) this and will ask you. Is a card like this a chance to show Strong Style is a top level gym.
A: Absolutely! I think Strong Style deserves its respect. Its a remarkable place to be and there is so much positive from being involved with it.

G: Any idea whats next or just focused on this?
A: Just this then figure it out. I got things with sponsors coming up. Might take time to learn more and get even better and show people I am working hard.

Q: You made your cornering debut for Ashley Hawkins recently, did you enjoy it?
A: I had a great time cornering Ashley. It was unreal, I truly enjoyed it. Words cant explain how cool it felt to help someone and to be trusted. She did everything me and Pablo (Castro) asked of her. I would definitely do it again for her.

A: Anyone you wanna thank?
A: Chick-O-Stick, Fast Graphics, Intimidation Clothing, Defense Soap, Hasz Automall, Catastrophic Ink and John P. Lennon.

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