Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ronda Gale Interview

Ronda Gale is coming off a TKO loss in her last fight with Sarah McLeod. After that fight she took some time off and as you will read, the thought of retiring did enter her mind. But as you will also read, Ronda is a fighter. So on March 24th she steps back into the cage with Rachel Sazoff. That "fighter" mentality is why so many people like Ronda. She gets in there and "fights". Win or lose Ronda is always in a crowd pleasing fight. Always going forward and never backing up. March 24th should be no different.

Q: You haven't fought in awhile, coming off a loss in your last fight. Was there a reason you took so much time off?
A: Yeah, I took some time off to prepare myself mentally. I struggled with myself after my last loss. I needed to find myself and get back in the gym and train and work on things.

Q: Was there ever a possibility you wouldn't fight anymore?
A: The thought crossed my mind. But I'm a fighter and I love what I do. So I had to set my feelings aside and do what I love. But it did cross my mind for a short period of time.

Q: Was there anything from that fight that you can use to help going forward?
A: Yes, my last fight, Sarah (McLeod) got my A game, but the whole night started out bad for me. I got myself worked up before the fight even started and you cant do that going into the cage. There are definitely things I can learn, things I could have done, should have done and didn't do.

Q: You got worked up early, did being the main event and sitting around make it worse?
A: Yes, I definitely don't like being the main event, I like being stuck in the middle. I don't have a lot of time to sit around and think about things. Being the main event was a long night and too much time on my hands. Its an honor for some people to be the main event, but not for me preferably.

Q: You are fighting Rachel Sazoff, what do you know about her?
A: I really don't know a lot about her. I know for once she is my size and not 5'7" or 5'8" haha. She is a southpaw and that's all I know about her.

Q: When I saw her she seemed not very aggressive, where you just go out and throw. Can that work to your advantage?
A: I definitely hope it works to my advantage. I plan on being the aggressor. But people change from fight to fight so maybe she will come out aggressive. We will see. I am excited for this fight and very well prepared.

Q: Taking that much time off, did it make training camp hard to get into at first?
A: No, not the training camp part, my biggest problem was the cut back down to 115LBS. The time off I packed on some pounds haha.

Q: Keegan O'Neil is also fighting that night. Does it help you to have a teammate going through it with you?
A: Yeah I like to have a teammate, I don't like having a bunch of teammates because then the night is so hectic, getting us all warmed up and taken care of. But I am glad Keegan is fighting with me. Its the second time we fought together. I am looking forward to his fight also.

Q: At your gym, everyone really roots for each other. Do you get more nervous for your fight, or a teammate, Keegan in this case?
A: I definitely get more nervous when a teammate fights, which is a good thing I think. I think they pretty much do the same. We are a big family, really close.

Q: Rachel comes from mainly a BJJ school. If she takes it down, are you confident you can hang with her?
A: Actually my BJJ has definitely improved. I have not been able to show off my ground skills, my fights never go there. With Holly Powell we were on the ground twice and I defended both her submissions and it stood back up. I won one fight by submission, but haven't spent a lot of time on the ground. I am excited to maybe show off my ground skills.

Q: Is there a key for you winning this fight?
A: With her being a southpaw, just staying on the outside of her foot. I have a lot of things I want to work in this fight so I am hoping I can pull it off and show my skills. I learned a lot of new things, trained for a southpaw this camp and am excited to show off what I can do.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I am hoping to leave it in the second round. I am a slow starter so I hope to end it in the second.

Q: There are several female fights on this show. With that many female fights, does it make you want to put on a good performance and be the one people are talking about?
A: Definitely! I have a lot of fans that follow me and I have heir support anyhow, but I would like to gain some support. Coming off my last loss, I didn't lose my fan base but hope to gain some new ones. Things happen and I am coming back stronger. I wish all the females luck and am excited there are so many female fights cause we put on a good show.

Q: Any idea what you would like to do next?
A: Just playing it by ear. I was offered a fight on the seventh, but I am not looking forward to taking it. Its only two weeks after this one. I wanna hit the gym, learn new things, take it fight by fight and see where it goes.

Q: Anyone you want to thank or mention?
A: My team, Dungeon MMA, my coaches Rob Greathouse and Dan Gale. All my teammates, all my friends and family, anyone who supports me and women's MMA.

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