Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ashley Hawkins Interview

Ashley "Smashley" Hawkins brings a 2-1 record into the cage on March 24th against Angie Reinhardt. Hawkins has shown improvement in each of her three fights and has the potential to do some big things. She id dropping to 130LBS for this fight with an eye on 125LBS. Reinhardt will pose a formidable challenge but Hawkins is clearly confident she will come out on top.

Q: Where did the Smashley nickname come from?
A: Actually I think it was Jessica Dinch. I was always called Hawk from softball since my last name is Hawkins. I said "I wonder if I should use Hawk" and Jessica said "No, Smashley is a good one for you". Its a good one to cause I am always breaking stuff or smashing stuff... opponents haha.

Q: You were supposed to fight at Eve of Destruction, but it got canceled. At the time, you were frustrated, but did some good end up coming from it?
A: Yeah definitely. It's always disappointing when you have a fight and something happens, but it gives me more time to get ready. I definitely improved my cardio, Jiu-Jitsu, it was helpful. It was disappointing cause it was so close to the fight date, but it's better three days before instead of fight day. I haven't fought since July so I am excited to get back in there and fight.

Q: You have been getting a lot of training in at Strong Style, how has that helped?
A: Its helped me tremendously. Jessica (Eye) and Pablo (Castro), and everyone there is so helpful. I don't even ask sometimes and they just show me right away where I made mistakes, its great. Jessica is a pro, and she has so much experience and is a great teacher. Pablo is a black belt and such a good teacher, and it helps to pick their brains and get tips. Its helped a lot.

Q: From sparring with Jessica, whats the biggest thing you have learned?
A: The biggest thing is she is aggressive and always putting pressure on you. She always pushes you to work harder. I am learning to put pressure on them, don't give them time to breath, make it your fight, and use head movement. She has excellent head movement, kicks and combos.

Q: This fight is at 130LBS instead of 135LBS, why are you dropping down?
A: My first fight was 145 and I weighed 138, so I dropped to 135 and my two fights at 135, without cutting hardly at all I weighed 132. So my main goal is to get to 125 but wan some fights at 130 first.

Q: On March 24th you fight Angie Reinhardt. You saw her fight with Norma Rueda, what did you think?
A: She is decent. I think she might have been a little out of shape, but her stand-up was decent. There were a few things I saw tat I can use against her. Her main thing was she had pretty good hands, but she looked a little out of shape. I assume since this is at 130 she will be in better shape, so it will be exciting.

Q: Your last fight was against someone who seemed content to lay on you....
A: Haha

Q: Do you look forward to fighting someone who will be more willing to trade with you?
A: Yeah definitely. After the fight, I was like "man I couldn't use my hands, I just wanna show what I have". My last fight I showed a lot of Jiu-Jitsu against a blue belt, and I am still a white belt. So I think I can use my stand-up and my stand-up has gotten so much better.

Q: Based on what you saw of her, where is your biggest advantage?
A: Definitely my Jiu-Jitsu and grappling. He didn't seem like she had that much Jiu-jitsu knowledge. Norma took her down and was on top for awhile and she wasn't trying for escapes or submissions off her back. So I think that's my biggest advantage on her.

Q: There are several female fights on this card, and everyone knows I call you The Future because I see so much potential. Does so many female fights make you want to put on a better performance and be the female fighter who stands out?
A: Yes and no. I want all the female fights to get a lot of acknowledgment. I don't wanna be the best there, but its nice to be the most exciting fight. But I just wanna win and get better.

Q: Do you have a prediction on how it ends?
A: Yes but its my game plan and I don't wanna say what it is. I could say I wanna knock her out, but you never know whats gonna happen. I have a pretty good game plan in my mind, but you will have to see on March 24th.

Q: Do you have any goals for this year?
A: yeah, I wanna fight at 125 and see how that goes. I know females who fight at 125 and have to cut more than I would have to. So get fights at 125 and if Nichole (Long) and Greg (Kalikas) would wanna give me a title shot that would be awesome. I wanna show everyone that I can be one of the top girls at 125.

Q: Before we finish anyone you want to thank?
A: My sponsors, Foundation Fight Co. Kody does a good job with my shirts and mouth guard. You Jason, your Promoting Real Women Blog sponsors me. Jessica Dinch cause she helps me so much with training. Everyone at Strong Style, they help so much and welcome me anytime. All my friends and family, NAAFS, and anyone who is a fan.

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