Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cody Garbrandt Interview

Cody Garbrandt Steps into the cage on Saturday with Jarrell Hodge. Garbrandt has not been in the cage since the summer's dominant win over Tyler Saltsman. With plans to turn pro after this fight, Garbrandt will surely be looking to make a statement with an impressive win.

Q: I want to start by going back to your win over Tyler Saltsman. Going into that fight you were upset with the rankings and him being ranked higher. Why did it bother you that much?
A: I guess at the time I was pretty upset. I mean, he really didn't beat anyone to be ranked higher. I was upset he was higher than me. I wasn't made at the NAAFS or pissed at them. I looked at it as he wasn't better than me, I don't know why he was ranked higher than me.

Q: Dominating him like you did, did you pretty much prove a point about where you are at?
A: Yeah, I knew I had the skills and had to go out and showcase them. I hadn't fought anyone myself before that and this was a good test to go all three rounds against a pretty tough opponent who can take damage and keep coming. SO I felt like it showed a lot of people where I was at.

Q: You took some time off after that fight. It was to go to school correct?
A: Yeah I tried to go back to college. I was holding on to a dream, but college wrestling isn't what I want to do anymore, fighting is. I went to South Carolina and didn't like it there, went to the coal mines, I was up in the air with a lot of things. I was nineteen and didn't know what I wanted to do. I decided to go back to college but the whole time my mind was on fighting.

Q: Saturday you fight Jarrell Hodge. What do you know about him?
A: I have never watched him fight. He is 3-0, all finishes, he's never been to the third round. I don't think he has fought anyone my caliber or the angles, speed and power I am going to bring. It's a good fight to test and see where he is at. This is my last amateur, so I gotta go out and make a statement and then go to the pro ranks.

Q: You kind of answered my next question. He is 3-0 but hasn't fought anyone near your level, is that accurate?
A: Yeah, it's very accurate. I looked up the dudes he's fought, and I don't think he fought anyone with a winning record. I give him credit for taking this fight.

Q: You have had big fights, this is the main event of the amateur portion, could the pressure of that get to him?
A: Some people seem to rise when the bigger challenge is ahead of him, and some people seem to fall. Throughout all my wrestling, boxing, training, the bigger matches and fights is when I was best. You never know where his mind is, its all about mental toughness and heart. So I cant say with him how he is, but I know how I am.

Q: Do you expect him to be willing to stand with you?
A: For the first probably ten seconds, till I catch him with a nice solid shot and then he will dive in. He's coming out of a twenty second tko over a nobody, but he is up against an elite striker.

Q: Everyone knows you for your striking, but really your ground game and Wrestling are legit, do you think people under estimate that?
A: Yeah, exactly. I mean, I have wrestled since I was little. In fourth grade I started wrestling, won a lot of National titles, I won state title as a Freshman and took second as a sophomore. Everyone thinks they can take me down, and they can't. You saw that with Saltsman, one of the best wrestlers in the division, and he couldn't take me down at all, and this kid is nowhere near his level of wrestling or my level of wrestling. A lot of people think get to the ground and you have a chance of winning. No, cause even if they take me down I am not gonna lay there. If I get taken down I am gonna get pissed and get right back up. I like to stand and bang because it's exciting and I am good at it. Just taking people down is boring, so I am good where I want to be at. And my Jiu-Jitsu is underrated. I have never had to use it in one of my fights, but I have one of the best coaches (Pablo Castro), who just received his black belt and we have been working on a lot of things, so people will be surprised when I have to use it.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I know its gonna end via knockout or TKO. He wont be able to stand my speed or power. First or second round.

Q: With Stipe Miocic fighting Wednesday, and Jessica Eye and Nick Duell also fighting Saturday, how much does it help to have all those teammates getting ready at the same time?
A: It helps a lot. You see their determination and drive. I see Stipe train, Nick train, Jess train, Forrest (Petz) has a fight coming up, Brian (Rogers) has a fight coming up, Antonio Nieves is a top fighter. Its good. Everyone is training to their full potential. It makes you wanna train harder. The mindset in the gym is come to the gym train to your fullest, go home and rest and come back and keep doing it till your fight. It makes you want to get better.

Q: You mentioned going pro after this, is their anyone specific you want to fight, or is it whoever is put in front of you?
A: Whoever they put in front of me. Actually I will probably go to 125 as a pro if I can get fights or else 135. Me and my coaches had this planned since I came back to Strong Style. I am doing Golden Gloves after this possibly. So whoever they put in front of me I will fight.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: yeah, our Savior Jesus Christ, John P. Lennon, Top of the Line Barber Shop, Cal Crowell Functional Fitness, my teammates and coaches at Strong Style, the men and women in the armed forces, my family and friends for supporting me, and everyone who has supported me and taken this journey with me.

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