Monday, January 30, 2012

NAAFS Caged Fury 16 Report

On January 28th the NAAFS invaded West Virginia for the first time with an all Pro card. The card featured some exciting finishes and some good overall fights. Making big impressions to me were Joey Holt, Jason Cardillo, Chris Goldbaugh and both fighters in the Ashley Cummins and Stephanie Frausto fight, which was also the first female pro fight ever in the state.

1. Pro Middleweight
Chis Goldbaugh (8-3 Team Bullpen) vs Brandon Johnson (9-1 Team Murcieglo)

RD 1: Hook by Goldbaugh. Both fighters lands jabs. They clinch on the cage and Goldbaugh lands knees. Goldbaugh with a slam and gets Johnson's back. Goldbaugh lands punches to the head and hooks a rear naked for the tap.

Result: Chris Goldbaugh by Tapout (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:50 of Round 1

2. Pro Featherweight
Matt Montalvo (7-7 Fighters United) vs Jeremy Czarnecki (5-2 Team Murcieglo)

RD 1: Kick to the body by Montalvo. They clinch on the cage. Nice throw by Czarnecki. Montalvo tries for an arm from the bottom but can't get it. Czarnecki stands and drops punches. He stands and kicks the legs of a downed Montalvo. Czarnecki drops back into Montalvo's guard. Punches by Czarnecki to the head and body. Now he lands hard shots. Czarnecki gets side control but a nice sweep by Montalvo to get on top and into side control. Two elbows by Montalvo. Czarnecki rolls and gets Montalvo's back and lands punches to end the round.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Czarnecki

RD 2: The trade hard shots. Knee to the head by Montalvo opens a cut on Czarnecki's nose. Montalvo misses a kick and falls. Czarnecki gets on top of him and lands punches. The stop the action to check Czarnecki's cut and the doctor stops the fight.

Result: Matt Montalvo by Doctor's Stoppage at 1:09 of Round 2

3. Pro Welterweight
Marcos Pecina (8-2 USA Martial Arts) vs Matt Garrettson (4-5 Butch Hiles MMA)

RD 1: The fighters trade shots. They drop down and Pecina lands hard shots. Pecina gets his back and then moves into guard. Hard shots by Pecina. Not much action here. Short head shots by Pecina.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Pecina

RD 2: They trade hard shots. Pecina catches a kick from Garrettson and takes him down. Garrettson keeps him in guard and does a nice job avoiding damage. Two elbows from Pecina. Pecina postures up and lands punches. Garrettson is trying to stand but gives up his back. Two elbows from Pecina, one of which seemed to hit the back of the head but the ref didn't call it. Pecina flattens him but Garrettson rolls and pulls guard. Punches from the bottom by Garrettson. Hard shots by Pecina. Pecina gets side control. Garrettson is working hard to stand but Pecina gets his back and lands elbows to the head.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Pecina

RD 3: Takedown by Pecina but he let's him back up. Takedown by Garrettson into side control. Pecina grabs a leg and uses it to get on top. Now he gets side control. Garrettson working hard to stand. Punch to the head by Pecina. Elbow from the bottom by Garrettson and another. Two head shots by Pecina. More shots by Pecina. Short punches from the bottom by Garrettson. The ref stands them. Both land kicks to the body. Garrettson gets a takedown but Pecina gets on top. Head punches from the bottom by Garrettson. Body shots by Pecina.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Pecina
My score card: 30-27 Pecina

Result: Marcos Pecina by Unanimous Decision (29-28/30-27/29-28)

4. Pro Bantamweight
Ronnell Green (6-1 Team Bullpen) vs Amos Collins (10-3 Fitness Edge/Relson Gracie)

RD 1: They quickly drop down and Green hooks a guillotine and puts him to sleep. Collins wakes up and doesn't realize its been stopped and tries hard to take Green down and the ref has a hard time pulling him off.

Result: Ronnell Green by TKO (Guillotine) at :20 of Round 1

5. Pro Welterweight
Jason Cardillo (6-0 Pittsburgh Fight Club) vs Zac Gobel (7-4 Dragons Den)

RD 1: Gobel throws a wild shot and Cardillo ducks and takes him down. Gobel defends well on the bottom. Punches by Cardillo. Cardillo gets his back and lands punches. Gobel gets up but Cardillo takes him back down. Short elbow by Cardillo. Cardillo is cut under the eye. Nice punch by Cardillo. Cardillo gets his back and lands hard shots. Gobel rolls and pulls guard. Nice punch from the bottom by Gobel. Cardillo stands and Gobel lands a nice up kick. Cardillo gets his back and gets a neck crank for the tap.

Result: Jason Cardillo by Tapout (Neck Crank) at 4:47 of Round 1

6. Pro Heavyweight
Rick Day (9-1 USA Martial Arts) vs Nathan Bryant (8-6 Ground Zero)

RD 1: Front kick by Day. Bryant lands a nice hook. Clinch against the cage. Both land body shots. Knee to the leg by Day. The ref separates them. They clinch in the center of the cage. Bryant pushes off and lands a hook. They clinch on the cage and Bryant lands head shots. The ref separates them. Hook by Bryant. They clinch on the center and move to the cage. Uppercut by Bryant. Takedown by Bryant and he gets the mount. Elbow by Bryant. Punches by Bryant. Day pushes him off and goes for a leg but Bryant pulls the leg out and is in guard. Hammer fist by Bryant. Day almost sweeps as the round ends.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Bryant

RD 2: Kick to the body by Day and another. Leg kick by Bryant. They trade shots. Day lands a couple leg kicks. Day lands a head kick that puts Bryant out.

Result: Rick Day by KO at 1:26 of Round 2

7. Pro Welterweight
Brandon Saling (15-8 Mov BJJ) vs Mickey Hughes (8-7 H2O MMA)

RD 1: Lot's of circling by both fighters. Hughes shoots in bu Saling sprawls and lands body shots. Saling gets side control and lands an elbow. Saling stands and let's him up. They trade real hard shots. Hook by Saling. Hughes drops down and Saling drops into side control. Head shots by Saling. They stand and Hughes lands body shots. Saling drops him with a hook and the ref steps in.

Result: Brandon Saling by TKO at 2:06 of Round 1

8. Pro Light Heavyweight
John Opfar (10-4 Pittsburgh Fight Club) vs Josh Stansbury (12-4 Team Impact)

RD 1: Opfar catches a kick and takes him down but Stansbury is right up. They clinch and drop down with Stansbury in guard. Elbow by Stansbury. Opfar sprawls but Stansbury gets his back. Head shots by Stansbury. The ref takes a point from Stansbury saying three shots hit the back of the head. Opfar charges in and eats a knee to the body. They clinch and Stansbury hooks a guillotine for the tap.

Result: Josh Stansbury by Tapout (Guillotine) at 1:51 of Round 1

9. Pro 115LB
Stephanie Frausto (1-2 Team Gurgel) vs Ashley Cummins (7-0 Vaghi Martial Arts)

RD 1: They trade hard shots and Cummins gets a takedown. Body shots by Cummins. Frausto tries to scramble but can't escape. Elbow from the bottom by Frausto. Punches by Cummins. Frausto looks for a triangle and now an armbar but can't get it. Frausto does get on top though and into side control. Cummins gets her into half guard. Head shots by Frausto. Frausto stands and lets her up. They trade shots. Leg kick by Frausto. Cummins gets a takedown to end the round.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Frausto

RD 2: Hard cross by Cummins. Leg kick by Frausto. Takedown by Cummins. Cummins lands punches. Frausto almost gets up but Cummins keeps her down. The ref takes a point from Cummins for hitting the back of the head. Takedown by Cummins to end the round. At this point I realized the commission was mistaking and giving them only three minute rounds.
I scored RD 2: 9-9 Even

RD 3: Push kick by Frausto. Takedown by Cummins. Frausto tries to sweep but can't. Head shots by Cummins. Cummins is in half guard and Frausto defends well. Head shots by Cummins. Cummins stands and let's her up. Cummins shoots in and Frausto looks for a guillotine. She has it but Cummins defends it well and lands body shots and pulls her head out.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Cummins
My score card: 28-28 Draw

Result: Ashley Cummins by Unanimous Decision (29-27/29-27/29-27)

10. Pro Lightweight
Nate Hall (6-4 Dawg House) vs Joey Holt (9-5 Team Impact)

RD 1: Head shots by Holt. They clinch on the cage and Holt lands a knee. Hall jumps and pulls guard. Holt lands hammer fists to end it.

Result: Joey Holt by KO at :54 of Round 1

11. Pro Super Heavyweight
Mike Gordon (4-0 Independent) vs Sean McCorkle (13-2 Integrated Fighting Academy)

RD 1: Jab by McCorkle and another. Leg kick by McCorkle. McCorkle shoots in and gets a takedown. Body shots by McCorkle. McCorkle tries for a key lock but can't get it. Hard elbows from McCorkle. McCorkle looks for a head and arm choke and gets it for the tap.

Result: Sean McCorkle by Tapout (Head and Arm Choke) at 2:14 of Round 1

Submission of the Night: Josh Stansbury

KO of the Night: Rick Day

Fight of the Night: Stephanie Frausto vs Ashley Cummins

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chris Goldbaugh Interview

This doesn't even need an intro...gotta love this kid.

Chris Goldbaugh

I tried to do a little bit of research on you, but I’d like to give you the opportunity to tell us about yourself first…

Well I'm Chris "Shenanigans" Goldbaugh and I love mma and jiu jitsu.  So much so that I put my body and mind through the ringer to be able to compete in them.  Jiu jitsu and mma will never cheat on you or stab you in the back, training may be a bitch but it's not a whore so I'll continue to compete until they won't let me anymore.  That's about it.

If fighting is not your source of income, what do you do for a day job?

I am a DJ in a strip club.  Dream job for a guy right?  I recently became a single dad so I'm still working on finding a normal day job that lines up right with the days I have my daughter.

How do you schedule your training around that?

I have great teammates at the Bullpen Fight Club that help me out with extra practices when I have to work.

You have an overall record of 8-3, and your pro record stands at 0-1.
What happened in your first pro-fight against Pat Dwyer at Cage of Chaos 12?

Pat Dwyer went beast mode on my ass.  I watched film of all of his fights and I knew exactly what he was going to do but he did those things far better than I thought he could.  He bullied me around the cage and wore me down on his way to a boring split decision.  I'm sorry for anyone who paid money to see that fight, it was awful.

That was in April of 2010, why have you taken so much time off?

Well three fight cards were cancelled, twice the promoter couldn't find an opponent for me, one guy pulled out the week of the fight (I know you were faking Glenn Hoffman) and one promoter pulled me out of a fight to replace me with Brandon Sailing because he thought he would sell more tickets.  Also at the end of 2010 I became a dad so I needed to take time off then adjust to a more responsible life which in turn left me eating a lot of Wendy's and not going to the gym enough and I became a big fat fatty for a little while.

Do you feel that this much time off will be an advantage or disadvantage to you, why?

Major disadvantage.  I've been training the whole time but now my career is two years behind where it should be.  I get older every year just like everyone else.  On the other hand no one has been able to witness or document my progress as a fighter so I might have a few tricks up my sleeve now.

I heard somewhere that WV fighters just drink beer and punch each other, how true is that?

Well since WV leads the US in alcoholism and is of the poorest and most uneducated states it might be a good guess that is what you would get from WV fighters.  But I go to a gym in Wheeling, WV where the guys train hard and work there ass off every day and also lead clean lives.  People all over the state work there asses off, there are serious Jiu Jitsu schools in Morgantown, Huntington, Charleston, Bridgeport and Beckley that all have serious competitors.  I've seen plenty of toughman haymaker throwing chumps come from other states too.  Are we great at beer pong in West Virginia?  Yes, but that doesn't mean were a bunch of drunken brawlers.

I couldn’t find your opponent for NAAFS Caged Fury 16, do you know who it is?

It is either Dequan Townsend or Muhammed Abdullah.  They are trying to get Townsend licensed and if that doesn't happen Abdullah is the back up fight. 

If so, what do you know about him?

They both are kick boxers so my game plan doesn't change much no matter which one I fight.

Have you changed your training in any way for this opponent?

Yeah, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I don't have my daughter so I train three times a day.  Thursday through Sunday I train a little less but I still have awesome friends, family, and training partners who help me with babysitting so I can still be a dad and a fighter. 

What are your predictions for this fight?

I always predict a first round submission.  I'm a jiu jitsu guy first so I always aim for the sub but just cause a guy has a nasty guard doesn't mean he can't throw some hands.  I've worked a lot on my striking over the past few years.  Just ask that backstabbing friend about it.

What will be the difference for you fighting in your home state compared to Ohio, or any other states?

Funny some of my fights in Ohio were actually closer to home than this one in Morgantown.  I guess the big difference is going to the be a college sporting event atmosphere which has got me pumped.  I can't wait to win this fight, burn a couch, and get a fat bitch sandwhich from Are You Hungry.

Do you have any MMA goals other than wearing the Foundation Fight Co.’s pink vale tudo’s into the cage?

Haha, I never want to wear those things, I hope he never asks me to squeeze into a pair of them although I'm sure I could pull it off.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank, other than me?

Nope, just you, you make it happen!  Just kidding I have so many people that make me who I am.  My coaches, training partners, friends, family, and my sponsor Foundation Fight Co.  Also I want to thank my daughter for being an awesome little baby.  She keeps me going when things get tough.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

NAAFS Combat Challenge 18 Report

On January 21st NAAFS put on Combat Challenge 18. A very solid card with a couple great performances. The main event of Tyler Saltsman vs Francis Healy was a really good fight. The highlights for me were the debuting Fadi Shuman, who was really impressive, Nick Espinoza who showed great striking and Norma Rueda who showed the potential to become a star one day. Here is my play by play coverage

1. Amateur Featherweight
Joe Myers (0-2 Independent) vs Derek Wright (0-0 Dragons Den)

RD 1: Hard punches by Wright. They drop down and Wright gets a guillotine and Myers goes to sleep.

Result: Derek Wright by KO (Guillotine) at :17 of Round 1

2. Amateur Bantamweight
Robbie Wilson (0-0 Team Impact) vs Nick Espinoza (0-0 Brown Pride MMA)

RD 1: Two jabs by Espinoza. They drop down and Espinoza gets his back. Now he gets side control and lands knees to the body. Hard punches to the head by Espinoza. Espinoza gets his back and then goes back to side control. Wilson scrambles but Espinoza gets mount. Ground and pound by Espinoza. Hard head shots keep landing. Espinoza gets his back and Wilson tries to scramble. Knee to the body by Espinoza.
I scored RD 1: 10-8 Espinoza

The doctor comes in to check Wilson and stops the fight.

Result: Nick Espinoza by Doctors Stoppage at 3:00 of Round 1

3. Amateur Light Heavyweight
Chris Hogue (0-0 Independent) vs Nick Halkides (1-0 Evolve MMA)

RD 1: They trade hard shots. Takedown by Hogue. Halkides tries for an arm. They scramble and Hague gets side control and then mount. Halkides holds him close to avoid damage. Halkides gets half guard. Hogue lands punches.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Hogue

RD 2: Hook by Hogue. They clinch on the cage. Body shots by Halkides. Foot stomp by Hogue followed by two more. They separate and both land hard hooks. They clinch against the cage and Hogue lands body shots. They separate and clinch again. Hogue tries for a single leg but can't get it. Punch to the body by Halkides. They drop down with Hogue on top. Head shots by Hogue to close the round.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Hogue

RD 3: Hook by Hogue. Kick to the body by Halkides. Takedown by Hogue. Head shots by Hogue. Hogue postures up and lands shots. Halkides lands punches from the bottom. Hogue lands more shots.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Hogue
My score card: 30-27 Hogue

Result: Chris Hogue by Unanimous Decision (30-27/30-27/30-27)

4. Amateur 135LBS
Angie Reinhardt (1-1 Power of One MMA) vs Norma Rueda (2-0 Cenrockda Slam Muay Thai Attack Force)

RD 1: They trade kicks. Clinch in the center of the cage. They move to the cage and Rueda lands knees to the leg. Knee to the body by Reinhardt. Knees to the leg by Rueda. They ref separates them. Rueda gets a Thai clinch ad lands knees. Rueda lands a knee to the face on accident stopping the action. They resume and trade leg kicks. The clinch against the cage and drop down with Rueda on top in guard. Head shots by Rueda.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Rueda

RD 2: Leg kick by Rueda and another. Push kick by Rueda. They clinch on the cage. Reinhardt pulls guard and drops down. Hammer fist by Rueda. Rueda stacks her against the cage. The ref stands them. Leg kick by Rueda. Hard punches by Reinhardt. They clinch on the cage and drop down with Rueda in side control. Rueda stands and drops down hard shots. Rueda drops back into side control. Rueda tries for an arm but the round ends.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Rueda

RD 3: They trade nice kicks. Beautiful spinning back fist by Reinhardt. They clinch against the cage and Rueda lands knees to the leg. Rueda gets a takedown and Reinhardt lands a knee to the body from the bottom. Rueda gets side control. Knees to the body by Rueda. Rueda gets mount and goes for an armbar but Reinhardt escapes and lands head shots.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Reinhardt
My score card: 29-28 Rueda

Result: Norma Rueda by Unanimous Decision (30-27/30-27/30-27)

5. Amateur Bantamweight
Allan Froelich (0-1 VIP D-Boyz) vs William Freedson (1-3 Vanyo Fight Team)

RD 1: They trade shots. Takedown by Freedson. Head shots by Freedson. Freedson gets his back and lands shots. Freedson gets an armbar for the tap.

Result: William Freedson by Tapout (Armbar) at 1:51 of Round 1

6. Amateur Welterweight
Kyle Fenton (0-0 Team Impact) vs Larry Merriweather (0-0 Instigator Fight Team)

RD 1: Fenton shoots in and gets a takedown. Merriweather gets right up. Fenton drops him with a hook. Fenton goes down after him but Merriweather gets on top. Fenton is trying for a guillotine but Merriweather pulls his head out. Merriweather gets up and Fenton tries for a takedown, but Merriweather sprawls. Fenton finally completes the takedown and gets mount and then his back. Fenton gets a rear naked and the tap.

Result: Kyle Fenton by Tapout (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:47 of Round 1

7. Amateur Featherweight
Roosevelt Archie (2-3 PA Brawlers) vs Sean Claire (1-0 Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh)

RD 1: Claire shoots in but misses. They clinch and Claire gets a takedown. Claire gets side control. Knee to the body by Claire followed by another. Claire gets mount by Archie holds him close and avoids damage. Claire postures up and lands punches. More punches by Claire. Archie tries to sweep but is unable to. The ref stands them. Claire shoots in and gets a takedown and lands head shots.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Claire

RD 2: Cross by Archie. They clinch on the cage and Claire gets a takedown. Claire gets side control and then mount. Not much action here. Good defense by Archie. Claire postures up and lands a punch. Archie tries to sweep as the round ends.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Claire

RD 3: Leg kick by Archie. Hard punches by Archie. They clinch against the cage. Claire gets a takedown and gets north south position. Claire lands short punches. The ref stands them. Claire shoots in and gets a takedown. Claire gets the mount and lands short head shots. Claire goes for an arm but the round ends.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Claire
My score card: 30-27 Claire

Result: Sean Claire by Unanimous Decision (30-27/30-27/30-27)

8. Amateur Lightweight
Fadi Shuman (0-0 Mad Dog Fight Team) vs Eddie Dayok (0-0 Independent)

RD 1: Nice kick t the body by Shuman. Jab by Shuman. Kick to the body by Shuman. They clinch and Shuman lands a nice knee to the body. They separate and Shuman lands punches. They clinch against the cage. Shuman tries for a takedown but Dayok holds the cage and is deducted a point. Shuman gets a slam and gets his back. Shuman tries for a rear naked. Shuman lands punches to the head and again tries for the rear naked but the round ends.
I scored RD 1: 10-8 Shuman

RD 2: They trade hard shots. They clinch on the cage and Shuman lands a knee to the body. Shuman drops for a takedown but can't get it. Knee to the body by Shuman. They separate and Shuman lands a kick to the body. They clinch on the cage and Shuman lands knees to the body. Dayok gets a takedown and lands punches to the head followed by more.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Shuman

RD 3: Jab by Dayok. Both miss wild shots. Shuman tries for a takedown and gets it. Shuman gets mount and now gets his back. Head shots by Shuman. Shuman tries for the rear naked and then moves back to mount. Shuman lands punches and gets his back again. Shuman flattens him out and lands punches till the ref stops it.

Result: Fadi Shuman by TKO at 2:52 of Round 3

9. Amateur Bantamweight
Zach Forrester (1-2 PA Brawlers) vs Josh Burr (1-2 Independent)

RD 1: Jab by Burr. Hard hook by Forrester. Burr shoots in but Forrester sprawls. They stand and circle each other. Hook by Forrester. Burr shoots but Forrester sprawls.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Forrester

RD 2: Burr shoots but Forrester sprawls. Burr gets a takedown and lands body shots. Forrester scrambles and gets to his feet. Burr shoots but cant get the takedown. He shoots again and gets the takedown this time. Head shots by Burr. More head shots. Now Burr lands to the body.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Burr

RD 3: Burr shoots in and eats an uppercut. Burr is trying to finish the takedown and gets it. Forrester tries for a triangle and lands shots from the bottom. Burr lands shots to the head. The ref stands them. Burr shoots in and gets a takedown and side control. Both are throwing punches as the round ends.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Burr
My score card: 29-28 Burr

Result: Zach Forrester b Split Decision (29-28/28-29/29-28)

10. Amateur Welterweight
Nick Adkins (1-1 Team Impact) vs Kirk Crankshaw (1-0 Vanyo Fight Team)

RD 1: They clinch on the cage. Body shots by Crankshaw. Adkins looks for a guillotine. It looks tight but Crankwshaw escapes. They separate and Crankshaw gets a takedown and gets his back. Adkins scrambles and gets up. They clinch on the cage and Adkins lands a knee to the body. Adkins lands punches to the body.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Adkins

RD 2: They trade leg kicks. Clinch against the cage and Crankshaw lands a knee to the body. Adkins lands a knee to the body. They trade knees to the leg. Crankshaw tries for a single leg but the separate. Kick to the body by Crankshaw. Hard punches by Adkins. They clinch against the cage and Adkins lands a knee to the body. They separate and trade shots. Clinch on the cage and Adkins lands punches.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Adkins

RD 3: They trade shots. Clinch on the cage and Crankshaw lands body shots. Punch by Adkins. Crankshaw gets a takedown and mount. Now he gets his back and lands punches. Crankshaw tries for a rear naked but Adkins defends it well.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Crankshaw
My score card: 29-28 Adkins

Result: Kirk Crankshaw by Unanimous Decision (3027/30-27/29-28)

11. Amateur 145LBS
Allanna Jones (1-2 American Muscle MMA) vs Krissa Timbs (1-0 Independent MMA and Fitness)

RD 1: Leg kick by Timbs. Hook by Jones. Timbs shoots in but Jones avoids the takedown. Leg kick by Timbs. Timbs shoots in and gets a takedown. Jones is up quick. Timbs gets another takedown and lands body shots. Jones lands punches from the bottom.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Timbs

RD 2: They trade hard shots with Jones getting the better o it. Jab by Jones. Hook by Jones. Hard punches from Jones. Timbs shoots but Jones sprawls. Body shots by Jones. They clinch on the cage and Jones lands hard punches to the leg. Timbs tries hard for a takedown and Jones lands body shots.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Jones

RD 3: Jab by Timbs. Jab by Jones. Leg kick by Timbs. Nick hook by Jones. Three hard punches by Jones. Hook by Jones. Two punch combo by Jones. More hard shots by Jones. They clinch against the cage with Timbs looking for a takedown. Body shots by Jones. More body shots. The ref separates them. They trade shots. Nice hook by Jones. Uppercut by Jones.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Jones
My score card: 29-28 Jones

Result: Allanna Jones by Unanimous Decision (29-28/29-28/30-27)

12. Amateur Lightweight
Devonte Smith (1-0 Brickhouse MMA) vs Kegan O'Neil (2-0 Dungeon MMA)

RD 1: Push kick by Smith. They clinch and Smith gets a takedown. O'Neil looks for a kneebar but Smith pulls out. Smith drops down punches. O'Neil gets and armbar and gets the tap.

Result: Kegan O'Neil by Tapout (Armbar) at 1:01 of Round 1

13. Amateur Welterweight
Rick Borowski (2-2 PFC) vs Josh Lasiche (2-0 Evolve MMA)

RD 1: They trade hooks. Knee to the body by Lasiche. Lasiche shoots and gets a takedown. Nice scramble by Borowski to get on top. Borowski stands and lets him up. Lasiche lands an accidental kick low stopping action. They resume and Lasiche lands a hook. They clinch but quickly separate. Lasiche lands a leg kick and gets a takedown. Lashiche stands and drops punches. Lasiche drops into side control as the round ends.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Lasiche

RD 2: Jab by Lasiche. Hard hook by Borowski. Jab by Lasiche. They clinch and Lasiche lands knees to the body. Takedown by Lasiche into side control. Lasiche gets mount and then his back. Lasiche gets a rear naked for the tap.

Result: Josh Lasiche by Tapout (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:47 of Round 2

14. Amateur 135LBS
Chandra Engel (7-7 American Muscle MMA) vs Trisha Barr (4-4 Team Kana)

RD 1: They trade hard shots. Engel gets a takedown and side control. Barr pulls guard. Body shot by Engel. More short body shots by Engel. Barr looks for a triangle but the ref stands them. Hard hook by Barr. Takedown by Engel. Engel gets mount and then gets her back. Short head shots by Engel. Engel gets a rear naked and the tap.

Result: Chandra Engel by Tapout (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:20 of Round 1

15. Amateur Featherweight
Francis Healy (7-2-1 Mad Dog Fight Team) vs Tyler Saltsman (5-2 Team Titan)

RD 1: They trade shots. Healy drops him with a hook and gets his back. Saltsman stands but Healy still has his back. Healy is trying hard for a rear naked. They drop down and Healy still has his back. Head shots by Healy. Saltsman gets up and tries for a single leg. He tries hard for it but the round ends.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Healy

RD 2: Uppercut by Healy. Cross by Healy. Takedown by Saltsman but they are up quick. Saltsman takes him back down and again they are up quick. Saltsman shoots in but cant finish the takedown. Head shots by Healy. Saltsman trying hard for takedown. Saltsman lands head shots. Knees to the body by Saltsman.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Saltsman

RD 3: Jab by Saltsman. Saltsman shoots by Healy sprawls. Takedown by Saltsman but Healy is right back up. Jab by Saltsman. Takedown by Saltsman. Saltsman pushes him to the cage. Healy gets up but Saltsman slams him down. Healy gets up quick. Saltsman shoots but Healy sprawls.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Saltsman
My score card: 29-28 Saltsman

Result: Tyler Saltsman by Unanimous Decision (29-28/29-28/29-28)

Submission of the Night: Kegan O'Neil

KO of the Night: Derek Wright

Fight of the Night Angie Reinhardt vs Norma Rueda

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Josh Burr Interview

Josh Burr has been a competitive athlete for his entire life, and in the last year has taken it to the next level by introducing himself into the MMA community. Burr currently holds a MMA record of 1-2 and looking to confidently add another win to his record this Saturday for NAAFS Combat Challenge 18 in Akron, Ohio.

You train out of Team ATA, can you explain a little about that?

Well it’s American Taekwondo Association. It’s Taekwondo, and I train in Mentor so both of my coaches are 6th degree black belts and they train in Jiu Jitsu with Relson Gracie in Cleveland, but their main background is Taekwondo, since they own a Taekwondo school but they teach MMA a little bit but I‘m the only one that fights out of their entire school so I train all week but it’s just me and them.

So your base is Taekwondo, and Jiu Jitsu… do they teach you your standup/boxing as well?

Yeah, well I have wrestled for 15 years, and have done Taekwondo for two years. I was our two time sparring state champ, and that is when I got into MMA because I missed wrestling. Taekwondo is not as competitive as I hoped. I wrestled for 15 years, and then graduated high school and I chose not to wrestle in college.

Is there any reason why you did not wrestle in college?

I just wanted to focus on school and keep my grades up and things like that. I just wasn’t sure, I was kind of planning on wrestling my sophomore year but I decided to just focus on school.

So you’re kind of smart then, huh?

Yeah, I figured that would be the smartest decision, I don’t regret it.

What made you make the transition into MMA?

Basically it was the closest thing to wrestling that I could do without you know since I wasn’t wrestling in college. I don’t have much of a reason, my friends never put me to it, or never talking of doing it…. Just one night I was laying down watching T.V. and just figured I might as well give it a shot and the next day I filled out my application for NAAFS and a couple days later Nichole called and scheduled a fight. About almost a year ago in March.

How long were you training before you took your first fight?

Umm, probably like 4 or 5 days. I probably had about 2 hours in the gym with coaches, and other than that I basically did everything by myself. Yeah, about 4 days.


Your record is 1 and 2 and I believe your last fight was against Brian Brooks. Is that correct?


Are there any changes that you’ve made since then in your training?

Yeah, everything basically. I’m training a lot more cause with work and school and things, and at one point I didn’t have a vehicle for the longest time so I could never get out to train. My last fight with Brian Brooks I had zero hours in the gym for training camp, it was all just conditioning by myself. I had no time, I had no boxing, no wrestling, no Jiu Jitsu in that whole entire training camp. And now my time, I can kind of space my school and stuff like that out so I have more time in the day and I train as much as I can, and condition and work out every day…I diet, and everything’s changed. It’s much better now , I’m like 100% prepared, more than any of my previous fights.

Do you do an 8 week fight camp, or space it out into any special time frame?

Yeah, about 2 months. Right when I schedule a fight I’ll start the following Monday. I’ll eat a lot of healthy foods, and then I’ll lower my diet to a strict diet within like 4 weeks of the fight. I don’t count calories or anything like that, you know just 5 meals a day, small meals, protein dinners, and fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Nothing spectacular, but it works for me.

Do you get the opportunity to cross train with any other gyms?

I’ve been up to Griffon Rawl a couple times, but one of these times I’d like to have the opportunity to go up to some like Evolve or Strong Style or something and train with those guys for a couple days.

You’re fighting Zack Forrester on the 21st, he is also 1-2, what do you know about him?

Yeah, well he fights out of Team Brawlers, I’m not too sure how much of a camp they are I think they just fight all around. There’s like 4 guys from that team. I found one of his fights umm he’s basically just a stand up guy. I think one of his fights wasn’t for NAAFS, I’m not sure where it was for but he basically like no technique he just like is swinging for the fences. Basically, and he’s fought in West Virginia for those tough man boxing matches.. I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure they just drink beer and punch each other, I’m not sure all about that stuff. But I found all of those on You Tube. Basically he just closes his eyes and swings for the fences.

What is your plan for this fight, do you plan on taking him to the ground, or any specific game plan?

My stand up improves every day, I actually have pretty good stand up. Like when I fought Brian Brooks I was definitely winning on my feet and you know I’m a good wrestler and I can stuff takedowns but I mean I got taken down and I went to escape and I got caught in an arm bar. But anyways, I can stand up I’m very technical I’m not a wild puncher at all. I do have like a crazy overhand right which is what I used to knock my opponent out for my only win but I’m really technical which is going to play a big fact in with his crazy style. But basically just a hit and move, and when I feel comfortable just to take him down. My game plan is to make it a ground fight, cause I’m really really confident from that position.

What is your prediction for this fight?

I don’t know…a win. Any way you look at it I think I can guarantee a win. I’ve been working really hard, I’m actually going in for the first time ever with confidence, so I can guarantee a win, but any way I can get one.

What do you want to do next, anything you want to accomplish in your MMA career, or any goals?

I take it one fight at a time and once I schedule a fight, training camp I just focus on that fight and then I go from you know there. But my all time goal is just, right now, make sure I graduate college, and get a good career. I just enjoy MMA, I just do it on the side. I’m not, you know, I do go to school, I’m not putting all of my cards into maybe one day going into the UFC. My ultimate goal is to get an education and graduate from college. I just enjoy MMA, win or lose I just enjoy the sport. I enjoy the training, the hard work, the weight cutting, and the mental side of it any everything. I just enjoy it, I just do it just for the fun of it.

Do you only fight for NAAFS, if so, what do you like about them?

Everything, I mean, it’s a great organization. I really like Nichole. I fight technically Independent. I don’t have like experienced guys that have fought for NAAFS so all of the questions I have I have to ask her, I don’t have coaches to ask. She’s great about getting opponents, it’s just very well ran, and they’re very popular too.

Is there anything else that you would like people to know about you, your fighting, your gym, etc?

I think that’s it, I’m just an average guy you know just work hard and keep my head straight and focus on my priorities. I’m very prepared, and mentally strong in my opinion.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

Yeah, my Coaches: Jason Gehring, and Jason Ratay. I’d like to thank my family and my girlfriend Alicia and anyone who has contributed to my training camp and all of the support.

Facebook : Josh Burr

I appreciate you doing this interview, and look forward to seeing you fight Saturday. Best of Luck!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ashley Cummins Interview

Ashley Cummins had an incredible amateur career. In fact she was according to many, the best amateur in the sport at the time. She turned pro and continued her winning ways in her first pro fight. On January 28th she takes on her next challenge in Stephanie Frausto at NAAFS Combat Challenge 18. Make sure you watch this one, it could be the show stealer.

Q: Can you start out by talking about how you got started in the sport?
A: I started doing Tae Kwon Do when I was five. In middle school I anted to start kickboxing but my mom wouldn't let me, she didn't want me to get hurt. So I just continued to do Tae Kwon Do and soccer. When I played soccer I always got kicked out of games for fighting. I always knew I wanted to be a fighter, and when I became a freshman in college I knew my parents couldn't stop me so I started training in Mixed Martial Arts.

Q: You were a very accomplished amateur, how did you know when you were ready to turn pro?
A: It was more my coaches decision. I was never like "now I want to turn pro". I have been with my coach for five years, I love him and trust him a hundred percent. I just left it up to him, when he thought I was ready I was going to. After my eighth amateur fight he was like "you are ready".

Q: Were you any extra nervous for the first pro fight?
A: Yeah, I think I had that extra nerves that I didn't have for my previous amateur fights. It was a tough fight, I fought a girl who had more experience than me. It was the toughest fight I ever had and I came out victorious. It was a good learning experience, I learned a lot from that fight.

Q: You are fighting Stephanie Frausto in a couple weeks. What do you know about her?
A: Not much. I don't think she has fought in a year. But even though she hasn't fought she has still been training hard in the gym. I don't know much about her, I just go into every fight the same. I work my butt off for every fight, and go in prepared standing and on the ground.

Q: Does it being the first female fight in West Virginia carry any significance to you?
A: Yeah, its awesome. I think Stephanie and I will put on a great show for West Virginia and hopefuly after they will see female MMA is fun to watch and they have more female fights.

Q: You said you don't know much about her, but from what you do know, what would you say is your biggest advantage?
A: I think I will probably be stronger than her just cause I cut a lot of weight for fights and I think she doesn't cut as much as I do. So I will go in stronger and bigger.

Q: Do you expect her to have a specific game plan for you?
A: You know, when girls go against me I really don't know what they think. I consider myself a well rounded fighter. I don't specialize in stand-up, Jiu-Jitsu or I wasn't a college wrestler. I train everything so I am sure she is like me in that we go in well prepared and wherever the fight goes we will be ready for it?

Q: Is their one key for you to win this fight?
A: I think just remain aggressive and have better cardio is always the key to winning any fight.

Q: Do you have a prediction on how it ends?
A: I don't know how it is gonna end, but it will end with my hand raised.

Q: There has been a lot of hype around you. When you fight do you feel pressure to live up to it?
A: Yeah, I mean, I felt a lot of pressure as an amateur. I was ranked number one in the world and felt I had to keep that up. As a pro I feel a little less pressure cause I think everything starts over. But I know people still have their eyes on me and look at me like "how is she gonna do as a pro", but I think its less now than when I was an amateur.

Q: When the fight was announced I know some Ohio female fighters, where NAAFS is mainly located, were excited and planned to come to watch the fight. Does that mean anything to you that some of the newer and younger fighters are excited to see you in person?
A: That's awesome. Its the first I heard that. I think having other females in the crowd cheering for Stephanie and I will push us harder and make us put on a good show. After the fight I would like to meet and hang out with everyone.

Q: Assuming you win, any idea what you want to do next, or are you just focused on this?
A: Right now my focus is on this fight. I have had offers for February and march, but I leave that to my coach and focus on this. My goal has always been to be a professional fighter, and now that I am, my goal is to see how far I can go.

Q: Would the long term goal be Bellator or Strikeforce?
A: Yeah definitely. I would love to get on a big show like that. Another goal is to be ranked in the top ten in my weight class. Right now I am just enjoying the experience of being a professional athlete.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank or mention?
A: I want to thank my coaches at St. Charles MMA, all my teammates for pushing me, Barb Honchak, she helps me train a lot. I want to thank my sponsors Tussle, Lira Bros Clothing, Battle Ready Strength and Conditioning and Sport Fight League.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trisha Barr Interview

Trisha Barr has been out of the cage for awhile as she has had trouble getting fights. In a fight originally scheduled for December, she will take on Chandra Engel on January 21st. Win or lose Trisha is always in an exciting fight, and there is no reason to believe that this one will be any different.

Q: You have been having trouble getting fights. How frustrating is that for you?
A: It has been a little frustrating because I like to stay very active, fighting every couple months if I can. But I have to look at it in a more positive light - I've been able to really spend time focusing on training, improving both my strengths and my weaknesses.

Q: You are fighting Chandra Engel. What do you know about her?
A: Actually, I don't try to do a lot of research on my opponents anymore because it's easy to get too wrapped up in what your opponents can do rather than focus on what you can do. It can be a confidence killer. You want to respect your opponents, not be intimidated by them. But that respect is why it's still smart to have a general idea, so I do at least look up their records. My opponent this time is very active and experienced. Most of her wins are by submission, and I'm also told she's a wrestler. I do remember seeing her last NAAFS fight on tv, and her striking implies a possible Karate background. I'm ready to step up to the challenge and test myself against a fighter like this.

Q: This fight was postponed in December. Was that hard for you to have trained and then have the fight delayed?
A: It was difficult at first because it had already been seven months since my last fight, with opponents pulling out or not being able to get opponents at all. I went from having seven fights my first year as an amateur to only getting one in all of 2011. So I found out it would be yet another month before I could fight, and the holidays would be in between with lots of tempting food and activities that would occupy me instead of my training. While I love the Christmas season, now I have a few extra pounds to cut.

Q: Is there anything positive that can come from the fight being delayed?
A: Definitely. Of course, I got a few extra weeks to continue training. I think the best thing about it, though, is it takes place in Akron now instead of Medina. That's a lot closer to home, so more of my family and friends get to see me fight. It helps that it's not right before the holidays when people are too busy or don't have the money to watch me fight. It gave me more time to promote the fight and sell tickets. So I'll have more supporters there along with more sponsors and walk-out shirts ready this time.

Q: Does it make it more enjoyable to fight for a company that truly respects female fighters instead of a company who may do it just as a gimmick?
A: Absolutely. I try to only fight for companies that I believe have integrity. Fortunately, I've only run across a couple organizations that I would probably never fight for again. But the NAAFS is a very respectable promotion and definitely has the best amateur women's division anywhere in the region, which is why I've fought for them more than anybody else.

Q: If she were to take it to the ground, are you confident you can hang with her there?
A: Even though my foundation is in Kempo, I've been training the ground game a lot in recent years. It's important to be well-rounded and capable of handling myself wherever the fight takes place, standing or on the ground. So if the fight goes to the ground, then I will do what I have to do. I've really been working my takedown defense and getting back up to my feet if I want. And I've been working my escapes, sweeps, and submission defense in case I find myself in some tough situations. But I've also got a very offensive ground game as well and am capable of working my own submissions if I choose to. So even though her biggest strength might be grappling, I do feel like I can still handle myself on that turf.

Q: Where do you hold the biggest advantage in this fight?
A: I believe I have a striking advantage and have been training that aspect just as extensively as my grappling. My footwork, head movement, and power have improved. I plan to use my angles and combinations, working both the body and the head. I can also be unorthodox and unpredictable. And it helps that there's not a whole lot of footage of me out there except for maybe one or two of my earlier fights, which would give a very poor idea of how I fight now since I've changed and improved so much since then.

Q: What is the key for you winning this fight?
A: The key for me is to remain composed and confident without getting careless and to give it my all. I see myself winning with my striking, but I'm also prepared for the grappling range if it comes to that. My game plans aren't so rigid that I freak out if the fight isn't happening exactly the way I imagined it. I can adapt to different situations if I need to. In fact, the less specific my strategy, the better I tend to do. I like to just go in there and utilize my skill sets to the best of my ability. The goal is always to knock out my opponent in the first round but to be prepared to gruel it out for three rounds if I have to.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I predict that I'm going to get my first win by knockout, but I'm satisfied with any kind of win, especially if I finish the fight rather than let it go to decision. I always try to finish and win as decisively as possible.

Q: Any idea what you want to do next, or just taking it one fight at a time?
A: I'm focusing on my next fight right now, but after every fight, I assess how I feel and how soon I'd like to fight again. If I feel really good, then I'll be looking to fight again as soon as possible to continue getting experience. If I feel like I need a little more time to train, then I'll wait a couple months before I fight again.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: I want to thank God for every blessing in my life. I thank Raymond, my husband and coach. I want to give a shout out to the three churches I attend - Harvest Christian Fellowship, Northgate Open Bible, and Redeeming Passion Ministry. Thank you, Jason, for your friendship as well as all you do to support this sport in general. I want to thank my local sponsors - the Cambridge Fitness Center, Sun Spot, and Gametime Dezigns. I thank NAAFS for giving me this opportunity to compete, and I also thank my family and friends who support me.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stephanie Frausto Interview

Following in her sisters footsteps, Stephanie Frausto quickly jumped into MMA. While owning a modest record, she has improved in each fight, including a split decision loss to Paulina Ramirez, a decision that was highly questionable. On January 28th she will step into the cage with Ashley Cummins in what should be an exciting fight. This is an opportunity for Stephanie to show that she too is a skilled fighter like her sister with a very bright future in the sport.

Q: Can you start out by talking about how you got started in the sport?
A: Well I was with my sister talking about how she wanted to start doing MMA. We watched some of Cyborg's fights and then a couple weeks later she took me to a gym in Fresno. I started training in Jiu-Jitsu there and trying out Muay Thai. After that they tried to get me a few sparring matches with people from other teams. Then some girl from our team was supposed to fight but ended up getting hurt and they had me fight instead and it ended up being a pro match. So I started fighting then. Pretty much my sister influenced me. She had me doing sports since I was little. She put me in cross country to help loose weight. Then I followed in her foot steps in the MMA world.

Q: You mentioned Zoila, she is recognized as one of the pound for pound best in the sport. How much does it help you as a fighter to have someone at that level so close to you?
A: It has helped me a lot in my career. Her being there and supporting me in my fights. She gives me a lot of advice on techniques and combinations. Its helped me through everything.

Q: Its been awhile since your last fight, a split decision loss to Paulina Ramirez. From that fight till now, how are you a better fighter?
A: Well since then, I had been going from gym to gym. So I was trying to focus on being in one place before I fought again. My sister got married and we moved to Ohio and I stared at Jorge Gurgel MMA. I have been there for seven or eight months, working a lot on my Jiu-Jitsu. Two of my fights I lost by submission so I decided to start working on my Jiu-Jitsu more and that part of my game has improved and my striking has as well.

Q: You are fighting Ashley Cummins later this month. What do you know about her?
A: I know she has a really good amateur record and is 1-0 and is well known.

Q: Would you call her your toughest opponent to date?
A: I think she is one of the toughest, but I like the challenge.

Q: This is the first Pro female fight in West Virginia. Does that mean anything to you or any significance?
A: Yeah! It is an honor to be the first sanctioned fight in West Virginia.

Q: Do you have a prediction on how it ends?
A: No! Anything can happen.

Q: How does a win over her help you in your career?
A: It would be a big win for me to start my career again.

Q: Assuming you win, any idea what you want next or are you just focused on this?
A: I am just focused on this fight right now. Then we will find out what happens next.

Q: With your last name, do you think it puts a target on your head, where people think its an extra big win if they beat you?
A: I don't think so. Actually it has been harder for me to find fights because of my last name. So all my fights will be tough ones.

Q: Is the future goal to fight with Bellator or Strikeforce or anything?
A: Definitely I would like to fight for Bellator again. I would like to have a better fight than the last one.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: I want to thank my coaches, especially Jorge Gurgel and Jon Stutzman, my sister for helping me through camps and motivating me. My strength and conditioning coach Mike Ferguson, and all my teammates who help me through the pro practices.