Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sarah McLeod Interview

Earlier this year Sarah McLeod made a lot of new fans in her NAAFS debut with a TKO win over another good fighter, Ronda Gale. Sarah is coming off a disputed loss to the home town favorite in her last fight. McLeod is knowing for her always forward stand and bang style. At Eve of Destruction she brings that style to the cage against undefeated Amber Ignatowski. Sarah will for sure be Amber's toughest opponent to date. This fight has fight of the night written all over it.

Q: Your first fight with NAAFS you made a good impression and a lot of fans have wanted you to come back. How does that make you feel to have people wanting you back?
A: It feels great. It feels great to have a new fan base and it feels like I am almost a home town fighter there. I love to be able to come back. The NAAFS is a great organization and I am proud to be a part of it and have a fan base there.

Q: As a female, how does it feel to get to fight on an all female card?
A: Its amazing to be a part of an all female card and I am grateful for the opportunity. I am real excited to see all female fights.

Q: Is shows like this a step in the right direction for female fighters getting more respect?
A: Oh definitely. There's not many all female cards. This is one step in the right direction for Women's MMA and I think the fans will love to see it. I am sure women in the crowd will be influenced to maybe try it and get Women's MMA more popular.

Q: You are fighting Amber Ignatowski, do you know anything about her?
A: I have watched video of her online. She is very aggressive and a powerful striker. I haven't seen much ground game, most of her fights are stand-up. She has finished all of her opponents so she is no joke, a very tough opponent. I am excited for the challenge.

Q: It looks like she has fought all inexperienced girls, would you say you are a step up for her?
A: I definitely think I will be her toughest challenge and I think she will be one of mine also. I think its a challenge for both of us and test our abilities.

Q: No secret, you like stand and hit hard. If you catch her with something do you think she will want to keep standing or maybe try and go down?
A: Because we both prefer stand-up I think we will find ourselves in a stand-up brawl. I am confident that once I tag her she will have to look for other options. I don't think she will want to stand with my punches. I am definitely looking for a knock-out.

Q: Whats the key for you winning this fight?
A: The key is to be calm and patient. I have to pick her apart and find my openings.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: Not really. Its hard to predict a fight. It can go either way. I would like a knock-out, but I have been working on my ground and if it goes to the ground I am excited to test my skills. It would be nice to get my first submission but I am happy with a knock-out as well.

Q: Do you think people can look at your record and not realize how much you have improved, and maybe underestimate you?
A: I definitely think I could be underestimated. But I am improving and fighting tough opponents. Every fight I get better. Every fight I have ever done I am proud of and learn a lot. I am going into this as a whole new fighter, like I do every fight. I could really surprise her.

Q: You are coming from a distance so don't have your coaches, but have these two awesome guys to corner you....
A: Haha

Q: Does that make traveling easier knowing you have people to take care of you?
A: I do travel a lot for fights, so I usually am on my own and have to find people to corner me. It's great to have friends in Ohio that I feel comfortable with and know my style and are able to coach me. I will feel comfortable and like I have my teammates with me practically.

Q: Any idea what you want after this?
A: Right after my fight in Ohio I am flying to Portland and training there for 3 to 4 weeks and looking for an opponent on January 13th for GFL in Portland.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A I want to thank you for the interview. My gym, Mid-America Martial Arts,my coach Aaron Cerrone, all my teammates for supporting me, my strength and conditioning coach Bret Carter from Endless PossiblitiesNichole Long for all the work and help she has done for me. I want to thank you and John Hawk for cornering me while I am there. I am real excited to see all my friends and fans there.

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