Friday, December 9, 2011

Rosanna Garcia Interview

Rosanna Garcia made her NAAFS debut in April of this year with an impressive first round Guillotine submission over Emily Easton. While the fight was short, she made a big impression and showed some really good potential. She returns on December 17th at Eve of Destruction 2 to face Rebecca Heintzman. If you are unfamiliar with Rosanna, this is one fight you want to see as she takes on the grappling specialist in one of the anticipated bouts on this card.

Q: This is your second fight with NAAFS, what about them makes you want to come back?
A: They really believe in my skills and that is something I appreciate. It is nice to be appreciated. They like me, so I guess I will keep coming as long as they like seeing me. I will put on a show and I know that's what they want.

Q: What does fighting on an all female card mean to you?
A: To me, an all female card is a great way to showcase women's skills. At the same time I wish it didn't have to be an all female card once a year to showcase women's skills. I think there is a lot of talent out there and every card doesn't need to have one or two women's fights, it should be a mixture, because there is a lot of talent out there waiting to show their skills. There is no difference except gender, no difference in skills.

Q: Is a card like this a step forward for Women's MMA?
A: Yeah! Because things aren't at that point yet, it is great to have an all female card, because it does showcase female fighters and proves that point. They can say "Look at this last female fight card, look at all this talent, we should have more female fights". At the same time, while I wish we were at that point, I think its great NAAFS is putting this on to let the world know about the talent.

Q: Is there any pressure on all the fighters to put on a good performance and show people that women do have that skill level?
A: I think at the end of the day, the pressure is just to perform at the best of your ability. To go out there and not leave anything behind, know you did everything you could, didn't give up, pushed the pace, everything you could to win. I don't step in there thinking how I can prove I am a great woman fighter, I do it to prove I am a great fighter.

Q: With all the females on the card is there any pressure to try and be the one who steals the show, who everyone remembers?
A: I think that's how I feel about every fight. Whether an all female card, a mixture, I am always trying to give my best performance.It's great if it steals the show, is a three round slug fest, or a ten second knock-out, I always try and put on the best show. That's what we always want to do, make sure we put on a great, show, cause winning is by default what we want.I need to put on a performance where people see "You see that girl Rosanna, she did this, she won like that". Its about giving people a great performance.

Q: You are fighting Rebecca Heintzman, what do you know about her?
A: I know she is a grappler, she has been placing first and second in her tournaments. I have done some research, I haven't seen any video. I am sure she will bring everything she has to the table. I am prepared for that and working with great coaches on my stand-up and ground. I know I am gonna be ready.

Q: As you mentioned, she is a grappler. Is it safe to say if it goes down, you are confident you can hang with her?
A: Yeah! I am a well rounded fighter, I am confident standing, on the ground, confident if it goes all three rounds. You have to be strong in everything. Or else they can take you down and control you there and get punched. Grappling is different. You go to a tournament you grapple, in a cage you get punched in the face while you grapple.

Q: Do you expect her game plan to be to try and take it down?
A: Since I haven't seen her fight, that could be her game plan or it could be to stand. The better thing to say is I am prepared if she takes it down or doesn't. I will have my game plan as well.

Q: What is they key for you to winning this fight?
A: Smile!! It's a mentality.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: No, I don't try and do the psycic thing. I visualize a lot. I visualize how I will win, and see it in my head.

Q: Your last fight here, you impressed people and other girls are looking forward to seeing you...
A: Really!

Q: Yes really. How does that make you feel?
A: I am very grateful that people want to see me and enjoy the performance I put on. It's amazing to be believed in and does something when you have a hard training day. Everyone has those rough days, and when people believe in you it makes you push to a whole different level. People coming to see me with the holidays coming up means more than I can say out loud. I am so grateful and its why we train, to show people what we can do.

Q: If someone is going to see you for the first time, what can they expect from Rosanna Garcia?
A: Non stop action. There is no stopping.

Q: Assuming you win, what do you want next?
A: I am focusing on one at a time, but keep fighting. Talk to my coaches, Master Mike. He knows best so I leave it up to him.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: My parents, Evolve Academy, Soldier Fit, Master Mike has believed in me and made a difference in my life, My coaches, all the people who push me to the brink, and everyone who is coming, it means so much and I can express that enough. It is a blessing to have people have my back.

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