Saturday, December 10, 2011

Meghan Joyce Interview

At Eve of Destruction 2 Meghan Joyce steps into the cage with Heather Bess. Meghan has not fought since her debut win over Rebecca Gruitza in March after having a couple fights fall through. While she says she likes to stand, her fight with Gruitza showed she obviously is skilled on the ground. Wherever this fight gores, Meghan Joyce is sure to entertain you.

Q: For those who may not be familiar with you, can you start out by telling how you got started with the sport?
A: I started about a year ago when my brother started training at Nutter. He came back from one day of training and was sore and said "Oh my gosh it was a great workout", and he knows I am into sports and like to work out, and he said "Meghan you should try it", and I was like "are there any girls there", and he said "no". I went and fell in love the first day. I never thought I would fight, I just did it to work out and stay in shape, and that's how I started. I have enjoyed it from day one.

Q: What made you decide to fight?
A: One of my trainers thought I was a fighter before I went. He said "Where else do you train" and I said "nowhere". Within like two months of training they thought I was ready to do a kickboxing tournament, which I didn't want to do cause I didn't understand kickboxing. So they threw me in that and I ended up losing cause I was throwing her and doing MMA things that we cant do in kickboxing. They said "You need to do MMA", and then Nichole Long came up to me and said "I think you should try MMA". She got me a fight and I fell in love with everything about it.

Q: Your first fight, you beat Rebecca Gruitza in the first round, safe to say you were satisfied with that one?
A: Yes I was, I was very satisfied.

Q: What does it mean to you to fight on an all female card?
A: To me a fight is a fight. Whether it's an all girl card or not, I am just happy to be involved. I know its hard to come by girls, so Nichole putting on an all female card, I really appreciate it. I will fight on a female card, male card, it should be equal. Girls should be on any card, we have the same rights guys do. An all girl card is great, but we should be able to fight on a guys card as well.

Q: Are cards like this a step in the right direction for female fighters getting treated with more respect?
A: Yes absolutely. I really hope its a good turnout. We all have a good support group following us who will come. So I hope other people think its neat and come and see we are capable of doing it just as much as men are. So it is a step in the right direction for us females.

Q: You are fighting Heather Bess, what do you know about her?
A: I don't know much about her. try and Facebook stalk her, but that didn't get me far haha. I know she has a Karate background and has done some grappling tournaments. So I am not sure how I am gonna go about fighting her. I am more of a stand-up, I know I beat Rebecca with a guillotine, but that kind of fell into my hands. I am gonna try and stand up with her because she does have grappling and her gym looks like ti does ground work, which makes me nervous cause the ground is anyones game. I think I have a better stand-up and boxing background, where she is more of a kickboxer, so my boxing skills will come in handy for me.

Q: If she does get it down, are you confident you can hang with her there?
A: Absolutely! I am pretty comfortable on my back and on top. I have good defense I have been working on at my new gym. Working on ways to get out of submissions cause she will be well educated on Jiu-Jitsu and grappling. So I am working on defense and doing it repetitively, cause that's how you educate yourself. Maybe she will stand-up, so I gotta be ready for everything. She is a good fighter from what I have heard, so I gotta be ready and am excited for the challenge.

Q: A lot of times, in someones first MMA fight, they come out wild, are you expecting that from her?
A: Not with her. I think she will be comfortable because she has done a lot of grappling tournaments and other competitions. I am sure she will have nerves but wont come out wild. She seems educated on her skills, so I don't expect that from her.

Q: Its been awhile since your fight with Rebecca, all things considered do you wish you had fought more recently before this?
A: Yeah! I had a few fights lined up but they didn't fall through. But as a fighter you have to respect that and keep training. I took a break and didn't know if I would continue cause Nutter closed down. But I found my new gym and it all came back and I knew I could continue this.

Q: What is the key to you winning this fight?
A: Conditioning and not looking tired, not letting her get away with things like takedowns. I wanna stay on my feet and not let her get those points. My biggest fear is losing a decision, because its not up to the judges. When we go in there we should be able to win before the third round is over. We trained so hard, one of us should have the upper hand. If its a great fight and goes the distance, then that's what happens. I think my goal is to win by TKO or submission, but I have a fear of the judges and what they are scoring.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: No I don't. With Rebecca I did. I had this weird feeling I was gonna get a submission in the first round. I knew with Rebecca being so tall, I didn't want to stand because she is so tall and has such a big reach advantage and her legs are long. With Heather we are shame height, weight and body shape. So I don't have a prediction. i hope it goes well on my behalf but you never know. But I am excited for a great challenge.

Q: Any idea what you want next?
A: I did get an offer to fight Tecia Torres for a title fight. I told them to let me see how this goes. I know Tecia is wild, I saw her fight and was intimidated by it, so its a big step. If I do well, I will take that into consideration. She is in my future and is a great fighter. If I beat her that would be great for me cause she is a great fighter.

Q: In 2012 do you want to be more active?
A: Absolutely! If I continue to pursue this, I would like more fights in a year. I was disappointed this year. If I continue then I want more fights. Win or lose, I won't lose and be done, its if I continue, then I want more fights in a year>

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: I definitely want to thank Nichole Long for being so helpful and getting me fights. She is a great person. All my fans and every fighters fans for supporting us. My family and friends who support me. Of course the NAAFS and all the other girl fighters who step in the cage and want to prove a point like we all do.

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