Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Francis Healy Interview

Francis Healy is coming off a majority draw with Mike Putnam. While most feel Healy won 2 rounds to 1, Healy was deducted a point for hitting the back of the head, leading to the draw. With a win, Healy would have moved into the finals for the NAAFS Amateur Series title. While the draw and not getting into the finals is surely frustrating, Healy was able to put on a great performance and show that is among the elite in his class.

Q: You are coming off of the draw with Mike Putnam. How did you feel about the decision?
A: I felt that the decision wasn't quite right. Taking nothing away from Putnam of course, he's a tough kid and it was a good fight. I did feel the fight was more one sided though, and the point taken too quickly.

Q: Did you think any of the shots were in fact to the back of the head?
A: Yea some stray shots are bound to land past the ears in that situation. You have a guy who doesn't want to get hit turning away from a guy who wants to win. A couple shots probably drifted that way, but I should have gotten more of a warning. I've been in that exact situation many many times and have never been deducted.

Q: Did the ref give you any warning?
A: I sort of got a mumble right before about watching it. It wasn't what I consider a 'warning'.

Q: You were scheduled for a rematch with Putnam correct?
A: As most of you have already heard I am not fighting Putnam for the rematch December 3rd. There is a long list of reasons as to why I decided against it.

Q: Does it bother you not being able to advance to the finals, mainly because of a point deduction?
A: The decision to keep us out of the finals does get under my skin a little. I had it as a goal for the year to keep my training on track. The reality is the title was nothing but exactly that, to keep me on track. The title itself means nothing to me. I have goals far beyond any amateur title and this situation won't cause any delays in that dream.

Q: You are someone who seems equally confident standing as on the ground, is that accurate?
A: I work on every area equally, and put emphasis on my weakest links. I believe being well rounded is better than being great at any one area of fighting. The future of mma is an intelligent fighter who excels in mixed martial arts as a whole.

Q: Have you given any thought as to when you want to turn pro?
A: I think around this time next year. I've only been competing for going on 2 years now. I want to be sure there are no questions left unanswered before I make the leap. There are a lot of boxing matches and jits tourneys I'm going to compete in this year to round out my game.

Q: Any idea what you want to do next?
A: I'll probably look into fighting an mma event in January. With some other competition before that. I never take a break, been in the gym since the fight getting better.

Q: You train at a good gym, Mad Dog, what are the benefits of training there?
A: There are a lot of benefits in training/fighting for Mad Dog. Dave Suchevich and my boxing coach Bedo Jones have my back to the end and are always looking for ways to make me better. We go hard at Mad Dog. The coaches are really open to cross training as well so I'm always getting work in with the best Pittsburgh has to offer.

Q: Anyone you want to thank or mention?
A: I wanna thank my coaches at Mad Dog Gym. Beau Clark at Flow grappling, who basically taught me everything I know in Jiu Jitsu. All my sponsors from my last fight Boot Prints, Sadistic Athletics, Counter Culture Tattoo. All of my training partners, my Family. Also keep an eye out, my next fight I'll have a new sponsor Hooligans United.

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