Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tecia Torres Interview

Tecia Torres, after competing in Muay Thai recently began her MMA career. So far so good, two fights and two wins. Most recently she had a convincing 28 second TKO win over Rebecca Gruitza for the NAAFS. This win earned her a title shot for the NAAFS in December. She showed great striking, combining both power and speed with accuracy. At a young age, Tecia has a long and good future in the sport.

Q: To start, can you talk about how you got started in the sport?
A: I started with Tae Kwon Do. I ended up getting my Black Belt in Junior Tae Kwon Do and Freestyle Karate. After that I went to college and took off a year. I decided I wanted to continue my Martial Arts and started with Muay Thai, after 15 fights with Muay Thai and 2 and a half years of Jiu-Jitsu and getting my Blue Belt, I decided it was time to start MMA. I have had two fights and they have gone pretty well.

Q: Coming from Muay Thai, does not being able to head kick in amateur MMA bother you?
A: It doesn't bother me, but it surprised me that I couldn't head kick. I understand we have no shin guards on so its a safety factor. But, it's ok, I like kicking to the head, but I can do just as much damage kicking to the legs and stomach.

Q: You just fought Rebecca Gruitza, going in, did her height advantage worry you?
A: No, not at all. I am a strong girl for my height, so I am confident in every fight I go into. I fought two or three girls who were 5'7" in Muay Thai and I did well. It was an advantage factor, but I wasn't worried about it.

Q: Was the plan to come out aggressive or did you just see an opening?
A: I saw the opening. Once I hit her one time, I saw her face change and knew I could keep going and it would be over with. I usually feel out my opponent and see what they are going to do, and actually I like to be a counter fighter. But I saw the opening and went for it, and it worked.

Q: I am sure I know the answer, but overall how satisfied were you with your performance?
A: I was very satisfied with my performance. Going into the fight I was confident and coming out I was very happy with the win. Fighting in Ohio for the NAAFS, potentially will lead to great things, and is leading to great things already, so I am happy they brought me and my team down there.

Q: What did you think of the people involved with the NAAFS?
A: The whole event was awesome. I liked the set-up, the venue was nice, the people were nice, Nichole (Long) was nice, my opponent was nice, so it was all together really good. I look forward to coming back in December and bring my teammates so they can showcase their skills.

Q: You and Rebecca have been really respectful with each other. Is that something important to you?
A: Yes, before and after the fight I am always respectful to my opponent. I look at it as fun, we both know we are going to get hit. But after the fight....its a win lose situation, someone wins and someone loses. You might as well be happy with the outcome. You put your effort into it, it takes a lot to step in there, as a woman and a fighter. No point in being angry, you learn from your performance.

Q: With that win, you get a title shot, are you excited to get a title shot with a big company, that quick into your career?
A: Most definitely. I didn't see it happening this quick, but since it's happening, I believe I am ready. I am so thankful I took the time to get a great stand-up background and a great Jiu-Jitsu background before I went to MMA. I didn't just jump in. I feel like I can hang with those girls on top in the 115 division, and make my way up that little 30 list they put out there. I am making my way up one step at a time.

Q: You have a big trip to Ireland coming up. Can you tell people what that is about?
A: Yep! I recently fought at the IPF World Tournament in Orlando. I've been fighting there the last three years. The last two, I won the tournament. There were people there that saw my fight and liked what I was doing. They offered me the 114 spot on Team USA, to fight in Dublin Ireland for the World Kickboxing Championships. I gladly accepted and will be fighting November 18th through the 28th for Team USA. First time out of the country, so I am excited to test my skills against the top 114 pound girls.

Q: As someone involved in Bodybuilding, one of the first things I noticed was your physique. Do you do a lot of weight training?
A: Actually, not at all. I do maybe one strength and conditioning routine, but its not weight lifting based, more body weight stuff. I do that very Sunday, but besides that, I am just going off genetics right now, and doing Martial Arts since I was 5. I think that's where my muscles come from. In the future, on my list of things to do, is compete at a fitness competition. But it's expensive and something you have to train for, and I am training for fighting right now.

Q: Do you feel because of your looks and size, people may underestimate you?
A: That's a hard question, depends on who you ask. If you see me walking around, usually wearing a tank top and shorts, and the arms are the first thing they see and they say "What do you do? How much do you bench?" and I don't lift weights, I am a fighter. It's something that tones your body. The only thing that makes me maybe underestimated is when I come out, it's different from other girls. I like to come out girly, smiling the whole way there. But as soon as the fight starts I turn into a little pit bull and do what I love, fighting. No sense in being something I'm not. I am a girly girl, I like to wear make-up and dress up.

Q: Do you have any long term MMA goals?
A: Definitely! Right now I wanna take it step by step, work my way up to the top of the amateur 115 division. I would like to go pro with MMA and Muay Thai in the next year. It seems like it's going well right now. Once I go pro I would want to get to the 105 class, because I walk at 120, and a lot of the girls drop to make 115, so at 5'1" I believe 105 would be awesome, but I would have to change my eating habits, that's the one bad thing, I love food. At this point I rely on dieting off the weight, but once I get a good diet I will be able to do that in the future.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank or mention?
A: My gym, Knuckle Up Fitness, My manager Christopher "CJ" Wilson ( 404-731-082) My sponsors,
Brazen, Tussle Fight Gear, Revgear, Chiro 101, Sutra Lounge, O'Kelly Promotions, Black Eye Athletics, Cartunes. Also, visit my Facebook Fan Page

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