Friday, September 2, 2011

Josh Burr Interview

Josh Burr is coming off a TKO win over Jake Peterjohn at NAAFS War on the Shore, his first win. With increased confidence on September 10th at Combat Challenge he steps into the cage with Jimmy Mitchell. With a wrestling background, the TKO victory shows he is more than just a wrestler and improving at all aspects of the sport.

Q: First, can you talk about how you got started in the sport?
A: Well I wrestled since I was five years old, fifteen years. Once I graduated, I missed it, and MMA is the next best thing, so I figured I would give it a shot, and I have been going from there?

Q: Was there one aspect of the sport that has been the hardest to pick up?
A: Probably my stand-up was most difficult. Just technique wise, obviously I can stand and bang, but technique punches, straight shots. My straight shots, I am still working on those. Wrestling came naturally, jiu-jitsu starts to come naturally, just a lot of things to it. But basically my stand-up, technique wise.

Q: Are there any fighters you enjoy watching or trying to pick things up from?
A: In the UFC, Georges St.Pierre obviously. Overall he is great in my opinion. But that's about it. He is an overall great fighter. I watch tape from his first fight to where he is now, just trying to pick things up. But that's probably my main inspiration.

Q: At War on the Shore you beat Jake Peterjohn, how did getting that first win feel?
A: Felt great. Surprising, I figured it would be a three round fight. Especially after we finished the first round, it was back and fourth. But it felt great, I can't even describe the feeling of it. It was real exciting, real adrenaline rush. It was a good win, he is a tough kid.

Q: Would you have expected going in to get a TKO?
A: I figured it would be a wrestling match. My game plan going into the fight was to stay on my feet. I knew he was a wrestler, but I figured we would take each other down and then go from there. Didn't expect it to be on the feet as much as it did. Obviously I was wrong.

Q: Your next fight is with Jimmy Mitchell, what do you know about him?
A: He is 1-0, he never fought for NAAFS, he fought for Ohio Extreme Fighting or something, I never heard of them. He choked his opponent out in 20 seconds. He is a Muay Thai guy, I think he is 5'11" and is naturally around 135 so a real skinny guy. He fights out of Uniontown Fight Club out of Pennsylvania, and that's all I know.

Q: Do you expect this one to be standing?
A: My game plan is to feel him out on my feet, and if I feel comfortable take him to the ground. My strong suit is wrestling and takedowns, if I feel comfortable and he will be vulnerable on the ground, I will take it there. I wanna feel him out on my feet first because my stand-up is improving day by day. I wanna fight on the ground, my first few fights have never been to the ground, but we will see how it pans out. My wrestling will be superior by far.

Q: Coming off a win, are you more confident going into this fight than the last one?
A: Oh yea, definitely. Getting the first win under my belt, is a relief takes a lot of stress off. I feel more comfortable and have more cage time which is great. I fight Independent, so I don't always have access to a cage. More cage time is great, going in there and getting punched in the face helps a lot to, getting used to it. getting the first win does give me a confidence boost.

Q: Is there one thing you have to make sure to do to get the win?
A: Probably my straight punches. With Jake Peterjohn I threw a lot of over hands, probably my technique. Chin down hands up basically.

Q: How does this fight end?
A: I am gonna say probably a 2nd round TKO, same as with Jake Peterjohn.

Q: Any idea what you wanna do next, or just focused on this one for now?
A: Just take one fight at a time. My focus is on next Saturday. Once that happens, win or lose, I will go from there.

Q: Do you have a goal for where you want to be in the sport?
A: No, just do the best I can. I am a college student so I have a future other than this. Whether I have a future in this or a job, just do the best I can, just have fun with it. Whatever happens happens, I will be satisfied regardless.

Q: Is there a reason you like fighting for NAAFS?
A: To be honest it's the only organization I knew of, a couple of my buddies fought for them and I heard it was a good organization. After having two fights for them, I realize its a great organization, its a lot of fun. It's easy to, Nichole (Long) is really good at the promoting stuff and getting out contracts. I bug her with a lot of questions and she is real good at answering them. Its easy and enjoyable to fight for them.

Q: War on the Shore was a Pro/Am, this one isn't a Pro/Am, do you care about that at all?
A: No not at all. I fought at Chaparelle's my first fight and it was all amateur. It doesn't bother me at all. I mean its cool to watch the pros fight, a different level of the game, but ti doesn't affect me at all.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: Yeah, my coaches Jason Gehring and Jason Ratay. My family, mom mom, my sisters, my girlfriend Alicia, everyone who supports me, helps with training, and preparing. Its good to have all the help.

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