Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Andria Caplan Interview

Andria Caplan has been proving her talents in amateur fights, most recently an impressive unanimous decision over Amanda Wilcoxen-Morgan. Recently she was offered the chance to make her pro debut fighting for Bellator on October 15th. With it being close to home, giving her her first chance to fight close to home, the decision to accept was obvious. What you may not know, is Andria is also one of the nicest people in the sport. Quick to help, support or encourage other people. Andria definitely deserves this opportunity.

Q: For those who may have missed our first 800 interviews, can you talk about how you got started in the sport?
A: I started out when Sam and I got married, he had done martial arts before so he thought that I could use some anger management. I was always stressed out, real high stress. I thought it would be a good way to calm down. SO I got into it to make me relax, or an outlet really, and it went from there.

Q: You are making your pro debut in October for Bellator, how did that come about?
A: It was a mixture of a few things. My coach and I and Sam had been talking that after 1 or 2 more fights I would try and go pro. We were waiting and there were no fights coming up. At my last fight, the CEO of Bellator Bjorn (Rebney) was there and saw me fight, so it was good cause he knows whether I can fight I guess. So Sam asked "Is it ok to put my wife on one of the shows" and Bjorn said "Yeah its ok with me, is it ok with you? That's your wife" so Bjorn said "Do it, go ahead". I have never fought local, so I can sell some tickets, so it works for them it works for me, and my coach said "just do it". Kind of a mixture of if I hadn't fought my last fight or if I hadn't known this person, just everything all at the same time. So it was like it was supposed to happen.

Q: You have never fought close to home, so are you excited to finally fight close to home?
A: Yeah I am. It will be cool. My parents will be in the audience instead of watching online, my team and friends can be there. It's a little nerve racking cause I am sued to not having anyone but my corner. It will be cool, it will be fun afterwards cause I can go out. In Ohio there is a group of people I wanna talk to and hang out with, and last time I was there it didn't feel like I was away from home. My opponent had more people than I did but.... It will be weird to have that many more people I want to talk to and people there in the audience. I am excited, but it's weird, I cant completely imagine it.

Q: Does it put more pressure on you?
A: It does and it doesn't. In some ways I feel like, of course it would suck to lose in front of all the people I know, but at the same time, it's like when i watched a friend fight somewhere else, I was trying to make all the noise I can, and it didn't matter, every time the other dude hit him, the whole crowd went nuts. You could tell it did have a little bit of an effect, knowing the crowd was behind you, it felt like it had an effect, whether it was the guy thinking he had it a little more or intimidating, I don't know. I think it will motivate me in a happy positive way, but also make me real nervous. I don't know how I will respond, it could be really good or really bad.

Q: You have been having trouble getting fights, do you think there is a reason for that?
A: No, I don't think so. There are a lot of girls out there who are game to fight. Sometimes it's a matter of where these girls are located or whose got fights coming up, I mean, if there was an option of just anytime you wanted to have people fight and any promotion could throw someone on a plane ya know. There just aren't as many girls as there are guys. There's more than there used to be, but now I should be able to get more cause there is more in the budget for pros.

Q: Did having trouble getting fights play a part in you turning pro?
A: Yeah it did. My coach likes people to fight more, but her knows I can train for six months like I have a fight and then not have one, and that Is tart to get cranky. He knows I am gonna train no matter what, he just wants me to be able to fight.

Q: You are fighting Adrienne Seiber, what do you know about her?
A: She looks really really strong. She has like bodybuilder muscles, so is probably strong. She said she is comfortable standing or on the ground, and I think she is from Illinois haha, that's about it.

Q: With five minute rounds, will that effect your style?
A: I don't feel there is anything I need to change to much. The fight will end up wherever it ends up, and I feel like the last couple fights, at the three minute mark, I don't feel I cant go anymore. I never felt like "Thank God that round was over", if anything sometimes I am like "fuck, if I had thirty more seconds", I am cursing a lot I apologize.

Q: Its ok, cursing makes it more enjoyable to read haha So how does this fight end?
A: It is so hard to say because who knows what she is working on. I know where I think my strong parts are. I always think I am stronger standing, but at the same time lately, I have been all about wrestling and jiu-jitsu lately. So in a fight, I have no idea, I mean I always work on both, but feeling more comfortable than I used to. I couldn't tell you. I am training for everything so wherever it goes, its gonna go there haha.

Q: This is for now a one time deal, but is the hope to go out, be exciting and earn more fights for Bellator?
A: Yeah definitely. Right now, this is an awesome opportunity. So I wanna make them glad they gave me the opportunity, so make sure I go out and earn it. From there, see what happens, I am just focusing on this for now. I am beyond excited, its so cool, cause I have known all the people at Bellator, my brother works on the cage, my husband is the matchmaker, I know all of them, so its just fun, so cool. It's a big promotion, the cage is huge, its just so cool. I cant even think I am so excited.

Q: To me, Bellator has the best women's division in the sport, do you ever sit back and say "wow, I am in the big time"?
A: No, not completely, because I know part is I am local, and they need local under card fighters. I mean, yes and no. I wont be on tv or anything, which is good cause that would be nerve racking, it is like the big time, but at the same time.... I don't know. Yes and no I guess. I don't think I am big I think I got a big opportunity. Not in the big time, just a chance to go play in it.

Q: Me and you share a lot of friends, same group of friends, and they all think highly of you, but I find more and more people who do what I do also think real highly of you. Do you make a conscious effort to be a good representative for women's MMA?
A: In some ways yes. I just wanna be a real person. I never wanted to be glamorous so its easy not to be. I think there are times, like at the gym, a new girl comes in, I want her to stay I want her to feel welcome and get over intimidation and weirdness and be comfortable. So I guess I do, but I just talk how I talk haha.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you wanna thank?
A: Thank you for the interview of course, for having me several times, that's awesome. Sam for putting up with me all the time and my son. Daddis Fight Camp, it's so awesome being around them and they are awesome training partners. Rob Fusco who has been training me and Bob Peach, he is a weight trainer/psychologist haha, he keeps my head straight. The group of girls at the gym, we all keep each other helped out. The clique, we are all big fans of each other. The NAAFS, my mom and day for understanding and being there. Intimidation clothing for sponsoring me, they are awesome.

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